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Hampton 11+

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mummy2aPrince09 Mon 06-Jan-20 14:45:48

Calling all parents who’s ds sat the 11+ today... ds said maths was super hard and not the usual questions, he said he couldn’t finish the paper. Wondering if it was the case for the majority or he just had a bad day...

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11plusisuponus Mon 06-Jan-20 15:19:59

Probably best not to talk about it as there will be boys sitting the same exam on the reserve days this week.

Isitreallyworthit23 Mon 06-Jan-20 22:37:37

Our Son said it was super hard too 🙄

lifeisnotagame Tue 07-Jan-20 22:40:24

Good evening?

Anyone know we are likely to hear about interviews? Interviews are taking place 17, 18, 20, 21 22 January

They said that candidates getting scholarship interviews will be called "2-3 days after". Please let us know if anyone gets one if these !

Normal interviews find out end of this week or early next? They've said they will interview half the candidates. How many sat? Does anyone know?

Ami01 Wed 08-Jan-20 05:25:29

Agree, Maths was tough, DS could not complete the exam. Rest he was quite confident with.

lifeisnotagame Wed 08-Jan-20 07:09:00

Ps I posted on another thread that my DS found also maths hard. I know from friends who have sat in previous years that DS are not expected to finish maths. They didn't and got offered. A stretch test for scholarship boys maybe?

ripple11 Wed 08-Jan-20 09:03:58

@lifeisnotagame DS said there were 54 (I think)) groups...with 15 in each.
So about 810?

lifeisnotagame Wed 08-Jan-20 09:23:48

Thanks. So interviewing 400 for c200 places?

Hopeful201 Wed 08-Jan-20 12:31:12

When my DS did it he said the maths was different to others he had sat. I think some of the tougher questions are to see the scholarship potential candidates. Loads get through to interview stage, then they offer to about half of who they see.

somekindofmagic Wed 08-Jan-20 12:53:42

Wow that number is up on previous years iirc my conversation with Admissions last year. I’m 99% sure she said approx 650 normally sit 11+. I believe there are c. 130 places on offer but some will have gone to the 10+ candidates in 2018.

It’s head-wrecking when you start looking at numbers 😬. Best not to!

Good luck to all.

11plusisuponus Wed 08-Jan-20 13:03:21

There were quite a few boys sitting today as well but also remember that the boys with 10+ offers and assured places from the prep my also have been sitting so need to take them off the total!

somekindofmagic Wed 08-Jan-20 13:06:37

Yes good point 11plusisuponus

lifeisnotagame Wed 08-Jan-20 13:19:51

c30 boys offered at 10+, from memory. Say half will have accepted?

Gingercat1223 Wed 08-Jan-20 13:21:19

Yes remember all the Hampton prep boys who would like a place sat on Monday including the 20 who have assured places and then anyone with a 10 plus place who is interested in a scholarship sat too.

As the 13+ boys also attended on Monday it probably is 650 boys at 11plus for around 125 places including places already given to Hampton Prep & 10 plus which is 40-50 - not all 10plus places who have paid the deposit actually take up the place.

Lots who are offered do turn places down but I would say the school teaches at a fast pace for all rounders and they offer to those who will be able to keep up.

ripple11 Wed 08-Jan-20 14:50:45

Not many prep schools release offers and acceptance figures but Ravenscourt Prep and Kew Green do (same parent company).
So last yr these two schools had 9 offers and 2 acceptances. I find that a bit of a surprising ratio of about 22% given the high regard Hampton is held, and I understand the ratio was nearer 50% the year before......but that gives a possible ratio of how many offers are (or have to be) made for the approx 100 places.
If you love Hampton, there is hope ;-)

ticking Wed 08-Jan-20 15:11:31

I think the figures I heard quoted was 800 sitting for 83 places... The rest have already gone to 7+,8+,9+,10+

That said they are quoting CAT scores of 132 in order to pass the tests....

Gingercat1223 Wed 08-Jan-20 17:29:47

@ticking , by 7-9 plus you mean the 20 assured places at Hampton prep that are notified around year 5. None of the Hampton prep boys sit the 10 plus or anyone wanting entry at 13.

But yes 80ish places seems correct so up to 160 offers/wait list. 2 years ago they over offered and have 150 boys in current year 8 & are only taking 50 more at 13.

lifeisnotagame Wed 08-Jan-20 18:21:54

So 160 offers from 800 buys. Roughly 1 (or more exactly 0.8!) in 4 boys who who sat the 11+ for September 2020 entry will get an offer? They say they will interview half, so then roughly 50/50 at interview Is that right?

ripple11 Wed 08-Jan-20 18:46:20

@lifeisnotagame it is a bit of a guesstimate game but I would say they might offer/waitlist more than 50% of those interviewed....but yes, broadly speaking what Gingercat1223 says.

lifeisnotagame Wed 08-Jan-20 18:59:58

Ok thanks.

Anyone (or anyone you know) been invited for scholarship interview ?

mummy2aPrince09 Wed 08-Jan-20 21:40:58

Haven’t heard anything! It’s so so nerve wrecking especially when ds has his heart set on Hamptons! Don’t even want to think about numbers as it seems so overwhelming. When should we expect any letters? I’ve been waiting for the post since yesterday... too early I know!

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ripple11 Wed 08-Jan-20 21:48:35

@lifeisnotagame ....a boy who I would very much expect to get a scholarship interview, hadn’t heard by school pick up today! when they say 2/3 days, I guess it will be tomorrow or maybe Friday to make 30/35 phone calls.

11plusisuponus Wed 08-Jan-20 22:36:23

Mummy- you will hear about interviews by email, not by post so don't fret waiting for the post to arrive!

Frostyskies1223 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:44:50

Re scholarships, not to be downcast but your ds needs to have got almost full marks in the maths paper etc. If this is the feedback he gave you then you may get a call. Also Hampton has links with the Hampton Prep boys and there will have been outstanding 10 plus ds who they have their eye on.
Every year there is a group of highly gifted children who are multi talented - music, academic, drama, art etc and the top schools chase them - these boys will have also applied to RGS and KCS as well as Tiffin, Hampton & the other schools know this and know they need to come up with a package to offer the parents.

lifeisnotagame Thu 09-Jan-20 07:01:40

That's good to know, @Frosty. Won't get my hopes up then! Have also applied for a couple of the others which are long shots.

Do let us know when you hear though as it means things are moving.

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