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Lower 6th A Level choices - is it too late to change one??

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MarchingFrogs Mon 23-Dec-19 18:20:24

think having French would definitely make her more employable as a languages teacher

So not essential, just desirable, at least if she were to decide to return to / remain in Northern Ireland to teach?

A quick look at two random universities - Bath and Kings College London found that both offer the option of Spanish with ab initio French; I'm sure there are lots more.

BlaueLagune Mon 23-Dec-19 16:42:02

She'll be fine - I'd hazard a guess that more schools are teaching Spanish than French now anyway and as a pp said, with GCSE French she can pick it up again at uni and can spend six months in each country on a degree and probably speak them both as well as each other by the end.

StressyMcStressFace Mon 23-Dec-19 16:32:28

That's interesting @clary. She does have GCSE French - had not realised how lucky she was! I wonder would that be enough if she were to do Spanish at uni. Will have to look at her options. Just wanted to give her a bit of reassurance over Christmas before she can talk to someone at school but I appreciate it may be too late to change subject. Thanks for the replies everyone .

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clary Mon 23-Dec-19 15:20:37

Op I agree, too late to change now. I assume she did French GCSE as well, lucky her.

I don't know about NI but in England not many new teachers of MFL have two languages at A level, vvv few students even have the chance to take two at GCSE.

Put it this way, I have two MFL a levels and I was the only one in that position when I trained - I am old, the others were young.

Like a pp says, how about Spanish at uni with French ab initio, should see her able to offer Spanish to A level and French at KS3 at secondary. They'd snatch her hand off in England.

Stillabitemo Mon 23-Dec-19 14:06:20

I think very, very few schools would be likely to
allow a swap at this point given that about a quarter of the course has been covered.

The exception might be for an incredibly gifted student but it will really be up to school. Is there an opportunity to self study through an online provider?

StressyMcStressFace Mon 23-Dec-19 13:43:42

Thanks for your replies. Yeah I think you're right swapping at school might be too late now sad. I had thought she might be able to do it as an AS level next year but that suggestion didn't go down to well confused. I think having French would definitely make her more employable as a languages teacher. We're in NI where teaching jobs are hotly contested so she needs to do everything she can to help her cause. Having blinding revelations four months too late is clearly not one of them grin

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titchy Mon 23-Dec-19 13:09:20

Is she certain about needing French? I'm surprised given the lack of MFL teachers....

Anyway, it's unlikely she could change this late. However AS French taken next year might be an option. Or she could do a Languages degree with Spanish which includes French ab initio, then the PGCE.

HettyStThomas Mon 23-Dec-19 11:59:40

I'm a secondary teacher and a sixth form tutor. I would not let anyone swap at this point of the year sorry. I'm my subject they would have missed too much content in order to be successful. I do teach in Wales so we still have AS levels and A-levels/A2s. It might be different if the school teaches a two year a-level. I cannot keep up with all the education changes in England sorry.

StressyMcStressFace Mon 23-Dec-19 11:54:20

When my DD17 chose her A levels she was unsure of what she wanted to do at uni/career and chose English, Biology, Art and Spanish as these seemed to fit her strengths very well. However, four months in she has suddenly had a revelation that she would like to be a language teacher (possibly studying languages at uni and then doing a PGCE) but in order to be a teacher she would need to have French A level. She now wishes she had chosen French instead of Biology but obviously the problems are that (a) Christmas holidays have just started and there are no teachers available to give us advice and (b) is it too late to take up a new subject at this stage given that mock AS levels are taking place in January???

Has anyone else found themselves in a similar situation? DD thinks the path for the rest of her life is forever destined by making the "wrong" decision at the time but she made the decision based on what she knew at that time so it couldn't be helped. Hope this all makes sense - any advice would be greatly appreciated as anything I say is wrong. Thanks smile

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