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Page 5 | year 11 daughter struggling so much

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sorrelli Sat 21-Dec-19 09:30:40

To cut a long story short, there have been extenuating circumstances which have meant that my daughter hasn't received much learning support until now, I have been unable to give it and have trusted that she would make good progress. She is well behaved, on time and the teachers say a lovely girl.

Her mock results were absolutely shocking, they were never amazing but they have plummeted, we have both suffered from depression and are getting our lives in order but she is not academic.

I have taken time off work to get better and help her focus. With mostly 1's 2's and 3's over 9 subjects I am now very worried she will not get in to sixth form.

The time we have left will basically be me teaching her all the content from scratch and revising. I am afraid her teachers are not interested in helping, they seem focused entirely on the higher sets getting them the results they want.

So the dilemma lies as follows: do we concentrate on the subjects she enjoys and likely to get highest results: History, Geography, French and English or mainly Maths, Science and English.

Her sixth form subjects rely mainly on Science, English and Maths.

However she is weaker on Maths and Science currently scoring a 1, yes a 1 but requiring a 4/5 to get into sixth form.

Please help me, what do I focus on with her?

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sorrelli Fri 10-Jan-20 19:33:56


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sorrelli Fri 10-Jan-20 19:35:14

I loved reading your mind splurge. Thanks so much that’s really encouraging! Since I wrote this post she has been working hard and realised she didn’t know how to revise^effectively at all before.

It’s great to hear of others experiences of overcoming. I’m glad she doesn’t need to do degrees for it. She has a real calming way and very mature, despite not being booksmart up until now she is very smart in other ways. Thanks again

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AMxx Fri 10-Jan-20 21:01:59

@sorrelli Please don't lose heart it is never too late. I moved schools every 1-3 years my entire education, including between different country curriculum and was told many times over I'd fail (as were my siblings). At A level they said that I'd never pass as I was doing 2 of them in a year only. I had 3 A's and D in Maths AS ( based on my ability / complete lack of interest in Maths, for me that was a success!). My teachers were also uninterested to say the least.

A tutor who is willing to help teach her how to learn in whatever way is most effective for her (if that makes sense) will be more help than a tutor trying to cram. There are some very effective techniques out there, it is about finding what works!

Darbs76 Sun 12-Jan-20 19:34:16

Sounds like you’ve both had a tough time. Might be worth exploring some other option for post 16, maybe a course which doesn’t require high grades. Don’t panic yet though, lots of time still

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