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mrsbobble Thu 19-Dec-19 22:25:23

Hello! Please can anyone advise what is involved in the 20 min English component of the test / interview for 13+ entry? Is it a very short comprehension or a composition? I read somewhere it’s a comprehension but 20 min seems very short for that! Thank you!

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haderrakh Sun 22-Dec-19 15:05:25

I would very much want to know as well. I've heard it is more of a verbal interview, e.g. reading the passage and then discussing it and/or writing an opinion

tt2019 Sun 02-Feb-20 22:32:49

I thought it was a for/against discussion type of thing

dinosaurinmybelly Mon 03-Feb-20 20:59:30

DS was asked to read a poem aloud and then discussed the poem with an interviewer. It was all very relaxed.

nylon14 Fri 14-Feb-20 12:02:47

Do you know if all the boys were/are given an English and Maths component to the interview? My son told me that some boys at his school just a non-academic interview.

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