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Heathfield Ascot:day vs boarding

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bozza1 Thu 19-Dec-19 06:17:44

Heathfield School day vs boarding1
Today 06:15 bozza1

My daughter has an offer for Heathfield and w rare debating whether to go day in the first year or 2. Any thoughts on this. I am
Concerned most kids are
Boarders and my daughter would be ‘isolated’. Thanks

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Zodlebud Thu 19-Dec-19 16:05:14

I looked at another school which was mainly full boarding with a few day girls each year and concluded that whilst confident the day girls are properly integrated with the other girls, they do miss out on some aspects of the school.

Heathfield do weekly boarding now I believe - maybe a nice compromise?

Bestbuddy Fri 20-Dec-19 00:44:38

My daughter is a day girl there and I shared some of the same worries but no need. She’s really happy, goes in at weekends and stays after school too as they all go upstairs and join in together.

mummy767 Thu 09-Jan-20 14:04:13


My daughter is also a Day Girl at Heathfield. In the lower years especially there are lots of day girls - 50:50. The school has about 4 buses doing pick-ups from places like Cookham, Gerrards Cross, Wentworth, Weybridge, Windsor etc. There is a weekly London bus too.
Boarders and Day Girls mix together at school and of course Boarders are probably closer to each other as they share dorms etc. Day girls meet up locally outside of school too and Boarders can come home for tea/sleepovers etc.

Wishforsnow Thu 09-Jan-20 14:08:11

My dd has just got an offer there too and we will only be considering day. I had the same worry as you but it seems there is quite a mix now. I don't know how may girls they have in year 1 though

bozza1 Thu 09-Jan-20 15:11:53

Thanks all. DD very keen to go to Heathfield so we will definitely accept the offer. She was asking again at breakfast about this. Just need to decide if I take/collect her each day from London for a year or so or go straight to weekly boarding. Will speak to school about logistics of post school activities etc and understand better the concept of ‘closed weekends’ and when we could see her if she boards.

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bozza1 Thu 09-Jan-20 15:13:01

Brilliant. My dd doesn’t know anyone else going but excited to make new friends and meet familiar faces from the assessment day etc

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mummy767 Thu 09-Jan-20 15:44:52

Some girls leave at 16.00 during the week and do prep at home. Other stay and do sports and or prep and then go home. School buses leave around 6pm I think so girls can do after school clubs and prep.

Closed weekends are only at the beginning and the end of every full term so 6 times a year. As long as you fulfill your Sporting commitments if you are chosen for a team it is quite flexible at weekends. If you have commitments outside of school at weekends its fine too.

Wishforsnow Thu 09-Jan-20 19:07:55

Bozza I got an email yesterday for a viewing day in Feb for those that have offers and all the girls can meet

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