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Courses on 'How to Study' or 'Time Management'

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respParent Sun 15-Dec-19 17:42:27

Can someone recommend a courses on 'How to Study", 'Time Management' or similar topic for a student in Year 9? My DD is very capable child and scored good marks over the years. As she goes up through the secondary school, she really need to improve the overall performance.
Looking some ways of making her to realise that she need to work hard as she go along.


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helly29 Sun 15-Dec-19 21:27:05

Not sure if this is quite what you're after, but David Allen's Getting Things Done method has been amazing for me; he's got va version of the book specifically aimed at teens.]]

helly29 Sun 15-Dec-19 21:28:22]]

Trying again, don't think the link worked

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