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Trinity/Whitgift 2020 entry

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Breathe10 Sat 07-Dec-19 12:31:12

I've read through lots of chat re 2019 but can't see a 2020 10/11+ 2020 thread. How are your DS's getting on?

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AtomicRabbit Sat 07-Dec-19 16:06:47

Yes I saw the same. There was a brilliant thread and it stopped abruptly at 35 pages and there was no further news about what happened to everyone applying...

Or was there? Did I miss it?

@walkingtheplank, @Pickofthepops @enterparentone @Bondiboo74 @Chelsea3 @Motheroftw0 @SpaceOpera

Any updates for us? Do hope your DSs all got the schools they were hoping for. What a stressful experience, would love to hear any tips you would pass on. Thank you.

Seeline Sat 07-Dec-19 16:27:08

My DS is U6 at T, so entrance exams are a distant memory for me! There are threads most years in the run up to the exams, interviews and offers, and then they usually go quiet apart from a few questions on uniform, equipment etc!

If you post questions, people will come and answer as best they can 🙂

Brrrr10 Sat 07-Dec-19 16:44:23

Good point! I guess my question should have said....any tips re prep in Dec for us going through it this year? Thanks!

Seeline Sat 07-Dec-19 16:47:27

Are you doing 10/11+? Which schools? Are you private/state at the moment?

Brrrr10 Sat 07-Dec-19 17:07:55

10+ T and W current state...feeling nervous. Been doing 10+ papers for a little while. VR Maths and Comprehension. Wondering if there's any other recommend papers..?

chalkyc2 Sat 07-Dec-19 17:15:23

We're doing T 11+. Preparation has stalled a bit after the grammar tests in sept/Oct and not at a prep sch so nothing at school. Feeling a bit concerned!! Hoping to get on the case when he breaks up next week. Argh January is going to be painful!

enterparentone Sun 08-Dec-19 07:41:28

I’ve been wondering when this year’s thread would appear! DS v happy settled at T Jbugs (10+). He’s matured so much in the last 3 months. It’s a v steep learning curve with high expectations of independence compared to state primary but somehow they all manage it! Considering the standards expected to pass the exams, the level of work expected doesn’t seem too high, but perhaps they’re easing them in this term! The range of extra curricular opportunities is fantastic. Very busy but fulfilled boys. Fun, engaging, kind and nurturing staff. We couldn’t be happier with our choice. Early days for us but happy to answer any questions!

Brrrr10 Sun 08-Dec-19 08:06:52

Oh that's great to here! Sounds like a fantastic start to his time at T. I read through all the posts this time last year and can see you certainly had your fair share of worries like we are now! You mention high expectations at entry- I know they don't publish a pass mark and there's probably more to their decision than just the exam (here's hoping!) But any ideas on this?

Seeline Sun 08-Dec-19 10:31:56

I think they have to do pretty well in the exams, but I don't think it matters if they are slightly stronger in one area, and less strong in another. A good performance gets them an interview, which I think plays quite a big part. The schools know what type of student will fit - both whether they are suitable for the school and whether the school is suitable for them.

And don't worry if your DS is the shy type, the teachers interviewing are very good at getting the best out of each child.

Are you thinking of scholarships too?

enterparentone Sun 08-Dec-19 19:59:28

I think they have to do well, but agree with @Seeline that they can be weaker in one - DS certainly was in English but better in maths and VR. It must depend on what the rest of the cohort is like year on year, but they do interview a lot and of course over-offer as they know many parents will apply to several schools. I think the interview is important to get a feel for them. I read that at 10+ a lot of that is to see whether they seem like they could handle moving up early - some do genuinely benefit from an extra year at primary as they need to adjust to be very independent. Managing their own homework from lots of different teachers, checking their email and replying to teachers, checking notice boards to find out about sports training and music practices, passing messages home to parents for things they need to bring in or do, deciding which clubs to commit to. Personally I feel happy DS has this year to get used to it all so he will be on the ball for the start of year 7, because according to DS friend in year 7 Jbugs get away with murder!! grin

AtomicRabbit Sun 08-Dec-19 20:01:04

enterparentone thank you for coming back and sharing your DS's experience. Very good to hear!

Do you live far away from Trinity or is it a local school for you? Wondering about this but not sure about DS going on a bus for close to one hour.... It's a long way from us.

Walkingtheplank Sun 08-Dec-19 20:04:28

Hello! I was also wondering when this year's thread would be created. I've just taken a look at last year's thread. In December last year I was stressing about my son's inconsistent academic ability. Later on I was considering how I would tell DS he hadn't got into any of the schools. He ended up with offers from all 3, so what did I know?
IIRC there were very very few people without any offers, most people had more than 1 offer. I'm basically trying to say that whilst this years parents will stress themselves out, it's really rare for it not to work out.

DS is in Y7 at Whitgift. Absolutely loving it and I wish we'd gone for Y6 instead because he is so stimulated. It's a big intake this year which I had reservations about but DS is unfazed.

Good luck everyone!

enterparentone Mon 09-Dec-19 07:16:10

@AtomicRabbit I'd think very carefully about the distance and potential problems on trains or buses. There are extra curricular things on most days after school until 5.30pm, and musical performances are often later. They will still have homework to do after that too. Don't underestimate how much the travel will tire them out, not to mention socialising when they're older. If there's a great school closer to you, I'd look at that. Do check the school bus routes but be aware it's not necessarily a faster route home than public transport by the time other boys have been dropped off!

Brrrr10 Mon 09-Dec-19 08:29:30

Thanks all for your replies. All such useful info! Yes travel is a biggie for us as we're not in Croydon. However I do know a few boys that have found travel ok to/from W via train. My DS is inconsistent atm so reassuring to hear it doesn't necessarily mean we are doomed!

champagneandfromage50 Mon 09-Dec-19 09:30:41

My DS is in yr 8 at W. He takes two trains to school. He comes home late once a week after Rugby training. He isn’t phased by the travel. He was a bit daunted in yr7 so we did some trial runs during the summer. He has no issue working out alternative routes now if there are delays and cancellations. As for the exam we didn’t think he would be offered an interview as he was so inconsistent. He was strong in maths but not so good in English. Good luck to all your boys going through it !

Yey22 Sun 15-Dec-19 21:30:09

I have a son in year 7 Trinity, he is loving it and we couldn’t be happier. In the interview the Headmaster said they look at the combine result of the three test but also check the individual results and may use the interview to iron out any quires from the test (your son will be interviewed whilst you are meeting the headteacher).

The process is so scary but I think more so for the parent and the schools especially Trinity try and put the boys at ease.

Goodluck everyone xxx

Brrrr10 Tue 17-Dec-19 17:02:34

Yey22 interesting to hear your insight re how they look at the combined results and iron out any weaknesses at interview. I didn't realise you meet with the HM as I thought that was for awards only.
Be interested to hear what the parent interview was like!?

Yey22 Tue 17-Dec-19 17:42:53

I don’t think it was just for the awards I think most parents meet with the HM or senior leadership team. Although I was very nervous, the HM was nice and talked about the ethos of the school and wanted to get to know alittle more about our son etc and why we applied. This was similar for all the schools apart from Dulwich where you met the headteacher with two other parents and were able to ask one question. Most interviews take place when your son is being interviewed. Goodluck x

enterparentone Tue 17-Dec-19 19:10:04

I don't think most parents meet the HM at Trinity interviews. I read on here that only the borderline candidates or potential scholarship candidates see him. Though they do say you can request to see him if you want to. Parents just wait in a meeting room chatting to someone from the PTA otherwise with any other parents waiting whilst their son is interviewed.

LuluBellLondon Tue 17-Dec-19 23:09:49

Does anyone know if Trinity VR is multiple choice or not?

Walkingtheplank Wed 18-Dec-19 00:04:09

My memory was that weekday interviews at Trinity were for potential scholars and with senior staff.
Saturday was an interviewing marathon for those not being considered for scholarships and a lot of children at a time are taken to the library for 1-2-1 interviews with nine senior staff. Meanwhile parents have tea and cake with senior staff, including the Head - there were around 20 sets of parents there at a time IIRC. All organised very well.

Walkingtheplank Wed 18-Dec-19 00:06:04

I should add I made an absolute wally of myself with the Trinity Head who made a point of speaking to everyone. Fortunately he didnt know which child was mine. blush

dancingbadger Wed 18-Dec-19 10:58:12

Hello everyone, I've got 1 sitting W 11+ and 1 already at W in yr 8. They need to be getting around 70% to be safe but will depend on cohort and what else they can bring to the table. I truly hate the whole experience and am looking forward to it being over in all honesty! My eldest DS went in at yr 6 from state primary and is thriving, I'm still not sure whether it's the right school for my younger son though as they are so different, so he is sitting for other schools too.

Seeline Wed 18-Dec-19 11:39:34

The system at T has always been at Walking describes. Historically, parents are only 'interviewed' if their DS is a potential scholar. Of course the HM is relatively new, so it is possible that it may change.

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