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Who's chewing their fingernails waiting for results day?

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saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 22-Aug-07 14:38:42

Chilled here. Well ds2 is; me not so much.

snorkle Wed 22-Aug-07 15:15:12

Does he have to go in to school to get them or will they be online? (No results here to worry about for a few years)

Lolly68 Wed 22-Aug-07 15:17:11

I was just thinking the same thing. Do they get sent to my DS for tomorrow morning or does he have to pick them up from school. Anyone?

snorkle Wed 22-Aug-07 15:17:31

Also, does he need particular results to do whatever he's doing next year? I can see if not, or if he's very confident of getting them that he might be chilled!

prettypurpledaisy Wed 22-Aug-07 16:16:58

I have to pick mine up from the school tomorrow after 11, sad that at 41 I have just taken a French GCSE and am sooo nervous must be ten times worse if you are 16. Hope all goes well for your ds2 fingers crossed

saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 22-Aug-07 17:06:22

They have to go in. He needs a B in both English Lit/Lang. Fingers crossed.

snorkle Wed 22-Aug-07 17:09:08

Ah, fingers crossed then!

juuule Thu 23-Aug-07 10:23:29

Well dd is happy with her results. 2 x A*, 7 x A, 4 x B. A's include 2 for the double science course which she only started in Feb. when she found out she would need it for entry to her college course and when applying for medicine at Uni. So pleased for her.

prettypurpledaisy Thu 23-Aug-07 11:19:35

Juuule those are fantastic results, she must be very proud. i got an A* in my one and that was stressful enough.

juuule Thu 23-Aug-07 13:40:55

Well done, yourself, Prettypurple

saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 23-Aug-07 14:39:15

Congrats everyone - especially the A*s.

Ds2 got 2 As, 7 B's and 4 C's. ( he didn't take 13 straight GCSEs BTW a couple of these are those combined thingys)

One of the C's was English Lit though so we need to see if it's OK for college. By the look of the breakdown of marks I think he may have just missed the B.

snorkle Thu 23-Aug-07 20:23:17

Hey well done all & especially those who've really worked hard for their grades. smbk hope the Eng Lit thing works out OK for your ds. 13 does sound a lot - what are combined thingies??

saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 24-Aug-07 08:19:41

A double science and a BTEC snorkle. The BTEC suppose to be worth 4 GCSE's but I don't see it myself; the workload is nothing like.

Off to college later.

snorkle Fri 24-Aug-07 13:04:54

double science IS double the workload though smbk - no idea about the BTEC, but it still seems an impressive haul. Goodluck with the college, I'm about to disappear for a week, but hope they will be flexible.

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