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Worth School/ West Sussex

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Hkgerm Thu 28-Nov-19 18:18:52

Can anyone tell me if joining Y7 makes sense or if Y9 is early enough?
Any comments on the school?

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LIZS Fri 29-Nov-19 08:20:48

Many seem to enter at year 9 so a good traditional entry point. Not a highly academic school. What are your criteria?

Hkgerm Fri 29-Nov-19 11:52:23

Just looking for a smaller carrying school which brings out the best in my quirky DS.
I think it's may easier to not need to change anymore at Y9 and have him settled by then and maybe an earlier change is better then a later change.

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Lara53 Fri 29-Nov-19 22:24:29

My friends quirky boy and girl moved from traditional country prep in Hampshire to Ardingly. They are flying. Other quirky kids I know are thriving at Hurstpierpoint and Lord Wandsworth

LIZS Sat 30-Nov-19 07:56:24

If you are considering year 7 for 2020 you may have missed registration for their entrance exam or to take a pretest for year 9 entry in 2022. How old is your ds now and is he at a prep which goes to 13? They seem particularly good for support with sen. What are your alternatives?

Hkgerm Sat 30-Nov-19 09:06:28

He is registered I am just not sure if we should go ahead or leave him two more years at his old prep and change over after Y8. Ardingly is the other option, but transport a bit more tricky...

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Flyingarcher Sat 30-Nov-19 17:05:34

There is a lot to be said for starting in Year 7. They are all new and very squeeky together ( never underestimate how squeeky year 7 can be), they establish friendships before the horrors of puberty, staff are more amenable to small, quirky, and generally getting lost. It's ok to be a bit lost and confused in Year 7 - he won't be the only one. By year 9, that confusion, and quirkiness becomes more apparent as they are supposed to be older, wiser and appear cool, thus less tolerant. If by quirky you mean he is socially a little awkward then I would do it in year 7 as he won't be the only one. Staff put time in to creating getting to know you activities.

SENCO is very good there.

Hkgerm Sat 30-Nov-19 22:23:37

Thanks Flyingarcher,
no need for SEN, just socially awkward.
thanks so much for your input.
I find it hard to make the decision and he doesn't know what he wantshmm

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