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SW London Boys Independent schools

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AtomicRabbit Sat 23-Nov-19 19:10:17

DS probably not clever enough for super-selective schools so Kings etc are out.

Can anyone give me next tier down to consider? There seems to be less choice for boys at 11+

Is CLSB at same level as Kings? That might be doable from where we live.

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autumnnightsaredrawingin Sat 23-Nov-19 21:20:04

Whitgift? Royal Russell (although that’s co-Ed I think?) Hampton Boys? Could also consider Emanuel but again co-Ed. Trinity?

AnotherNewt Sat 23-Nov-19 21:27:37

All private schools are super-selective (it's simply a term that means that distance is not relevant)

If you mean less fiercely academic selective, then try the Croydon schools

Or look at coed - Ibstock, Harrodian, Emanuel or a bit further out St John's Leatherhead

CLBS is pretty fiercely competitive, and think hard about the commute. Northern Line in the morning peak is not for the fainthearted

Rockylady Sun 24-Nov-19 00:23:09

St George's Cobham, St Benedicts, st James Boys, Halliford

Coed: charterhouse, Ibstock, Harrodian, Radnor House, Reed's, Epsom, Kew House

Notmynom Sun 24-Nov-19 21:49:33

CLSB is incredibly competitive but quite a few boys in my DS's year at school, who'd been rejected by Westminster, KCS and St Paul's, got offers. Worth a go as long as you have some safer options on your list too.

Dulwich, Whitgift, Trinity, Hampton would be 'next tier' in terms of difficulty to secure a place if you are just looking at boys schools. Wetherby could also be commutable depending on where in SW London you are.

champagneandfromage50 Sun 24-Nov-19 21:56:26

Dulwich is highly selective and only has around 60 places at 11+. My DS is at DUCKS ( dulwich college infant school) and the expectation is there 2 yrs ahead at maths and english for 7+ never mind 11+. My older DS went to Whitgift and my 12 yr old is there now. I love the school, but both my DS are sporty and it fitted them both. The academic standard has gone up since my eldest was there. However Whitgift has been regularly the op performing school for IB. So I am very happy to recommend the school

Utility Sun 24-Nov-19 22:16:47

A look at today's Sunday Times would be worthwhile.
A couple of the schools mentioned:
CLSB 15th (up from 48th in 2018).
Dulwich 53rd= (52nd in 2018).

cakeisalwaystheanswer Sun 24-Nov-19 23:06:21

From the Sunday Times table as I have a copy and many won't, I am only focusing on A level results as these dictate uni offers. CLSB has 92.8% A*-B at A level and Dulwich has 86.4%. It is not a huge difference, Dulwich is still a very successful academic school and has better results than Bancroft and KGS immediately below them which are both regarded as academic schools. CLSB actually had better A level results last year than Westminster at 90.7%. CLSBs results are particularly impressive because it is a boys school and has no intake of girls at 6th form. The top performing schools are the usual girls schools and co-eds and I think Eton is the top boys school followed by CLSB.

A rough summary of other schools suggested above in no particular order: Whitgift 94.2%, Epsom 90.0%, Ibstock 87.6%, Hampton 93.5%, Emmanuel 82.5%, Trinity 88.7%, Reeds 77%, St Johns 78.5%. But results are only available for the top 150 schools.

winteragain Mon 25-Nov-19 08:28:16

OP- where roughly do you live? No point in discussing Whitgift, Dulwich etc if you live miles away?

JoJoSM2 Mon 25-Nov-19 09:18:17

As cake pointed out- all these schools are amongst the highest attaining in the country and competitive. Reeds has really come on in the recent years too. Halliford could be an option - I think 40% grades 7-9 at GCSE.

The more mixed all around schools tend to be coeducational. Are you set on single-sex?

JoJoSM2 Mon 25-Nov-19 09:19:55

Mind you, I’d say Reeds is a tier down from Kings (but still academic) and Halliford would be another tier down.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Mon 25-Nov-19 11:03:58

I am writing out the Sunday Times top 20 schools for the record as I missed St Pauls which is the top performing all boys and I don't like posting incorrect information.

1 SPGS - girls
2 G&l - girls
3 Brighton College - Co-ed
4 Kings College - Co-ed (mixed 6th form)
5 Wycombe Abbey - girls
6 Magdalen - Co-ed
7 Guildford High - girls
8 St Marys Ascot - girls
9 St Pauls - boys
10 King Edward - girls
11 Eton - boys
12 Habs - girls
13 Cardiff - co-ed
14 Westminster - Co-ed (mixed 6th form)
15 City London - Boys
16 NLCS - girls
17 Concord College - co-ed
18 Sevenoaks - co-ed
19= Hampton - boys
19= The Perse - co-ed

So there are actually only three boys school in the top performing 20 Independent schools. It is a similar story as you go down the tables so Dulwich probably is top 20 for boys schools.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Mon 25-Nov-19 11:04:41

2 should obviously say G&L as in Godolphin and Latymer.

Notmynom Mon 25-Nov-19 11:59:21

Interestingly, looking at the Times' data both KCS and Westminster rank higher in the GCSE tables when they are all boys, than they do in the A Level tables when they go co-ed (although I think in reality the split is more 2/3 boys to 1/3 girls).

cakeisalwaystheanswer Mon 25-Nov-19 13:26:38

Noymynom - I ignore GCSE results because they are pretty meaningless except as an indicator of what A levels to sit and because some Indys are still sitting all IGCSEs whereas others are moving over to the new reformed GCSES. There has been some interesting drops in results for schools transferring which may be temporary because of getting used to a different exam. Whatever it is it makes it difficult to compare if they don't sit the same exams.

The girls results at Kings are about 10% higher than the boys for top grades at A level, Westminster was similar in previous years. It is possible to get the data split from the govt league tables when they are published for this year. From experience the girls arriving at Kings are real high fliers and there are quite a few boys who scrape the very low GCSE requirements to stay for 6th form who perform accordingly at A level. If Kings wanted to boost results they could raise the threshold and take an extra 30 in at 6th form but they don't need to.

Notmynom Mon 25-Nov-19 14:42:50

Isn't the same true for A Levels though with some schools doing IB, others doing Pre U (for now) and some a mix?

In any event, we've strayed quite a way from the OP's question which was about how difficult the various schools are to get in to and I don't think that necessarily tallies directly with the League tables e.g Winchester is traditionally very hard to get a place at but comes in below Eltham which has a reputation of being less demanding at the admissions stage.

Those are probably the best schools of all - the ones that take a broader ability group at the outset but still get top results.

AtomicRabbit Mon 25-Nov-19 14:48:49

We are based in Wimbledon so some of these are good options but others I think too far away. Thanks for the suggestiong.

What is Fulham Prep like? But looks like it stops at 13? That's no good then. Rokeby too within reach but again stops at 13.

Kingston Grammar?

I should have written co-ed schools as well - not just boys. typo which now can't be corrected.

Are either of these any good?

Thanks @Notmynom for help with CLSB. Interesting to hear it's just perhaps a slight level down from the super-selectives. I haven't been round the school yet but just liked the slightly urban feel to it. Could suit our DS very well. Watched a video on their website and seemed like could be a good fit but not sure if he's academic enough. Have VERY academic other child so v hard to compare him. He's also quite lazy unlike other DC too who likes working.

Not sure if he pulled his finger out if he might just do quite well. But not sure if well enough for a school like that.

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AtomicRabbit Mon 25-Nov-19 15:23:24

Dulwich, Trinity, Whitgift, Hampton, they are all so far away. Emanuel closer but I don't think it's right fit for DS.

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JoJoSM2 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:12:50

If you’re looking for very academic but not Top 20, then you’re in the coach route for Epsom College. Kingston Grammar is in that bracket too. However, they’re still the sorts of schools where statistically you’re looking at mostly 7-9’s at GCSE with maybe a couple of 6’s (B’s in old money). That’s not really achievable for an average child unless your son is ‘average’ for his current class which is vey academic.

RevolutionofOurTime Mon 25-Nov-19 16:16:38

Hampton and Dulwich have school buses to Wimbledon, so distance may not be that much of an issue.

Your alternative is to consider a prep that goes to 13 and will prepare your DS for the CE/13+. Shrewsbury House, Homefield, Milbourne Lodge might fit the bill.

How old is your DS? Some preps will not take new boys after year 5 as they feel it otherwise doesn’t give them enough time to prepare for the pre-test etc.

Seeline Mon 25-Nov-19 16:23:44

Trinity has a school bus to Wimbledon too, although a lot of boys come in on the tram. The tram stops at Sandilands which is very close to the school.

tobee Mon 25-Nov-19 16:24:20

Ds went to Emanuel and did very well there. He has dyspraxia and was really helped with it.

I know you said you don't think your ds is a good fit, but Emanuel is good for sports, music, art and drama. My ds is good at drama but not at all sporty. I was impressed with the fact that the school is interested in the individual pupil rather than just being an exam factory.

He's now in his 3rd year at university and the head has since changed since he left.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Mon 25-Nov-19 16:41:28

Fair point notmynom. There are very few Pre-u entries nationally and as it will cease to exist in a couple of years many schools will stop sitting it asap. Similarly there are not that many IB schools but it does seen unfair that for the Times a 7 will be treated as an A* equivalent. The govt tables will be updated shortly and they only include A levels and with the data collected at source we can all be sure of their accuracy. Till then the Times is as good as it gets.

Legomadx2 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:50:14

Latymer Upper down a rung from eg St Paul's etc. I know boys who failed those but got into LU. I'm not recommending the school as I'm not impressed by what I know of it (friends' children there) but some must like it.

I think Fulham Prep goes all the way up now and calls itself Fulham School but not sure if that's happened yet.

Harrodian is not academic but good if you like eg drama or music.

I also think St James' in Kensington has done the same as Fulham Prep and made itself all the way up - again not 100pc sure but might be worth a look.

Friends are very happy with Kew House.

Notmynom Mon 25-Nov-19 17:32:44

AtomicRabbit - Fulham Prep does now have a senior section. I think it has only been open a couple of years.

Depending when you are looking for, Thomas's are opening a senior school somewhere out by Roehampton not sure when its due to open though.

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