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Brit school application - film and media

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popolina Sun 17-Nov-19 10:44:55

Hey - just wondering if anybody has any experience of the application process for film and Media production at the Brit school. at +14 What to expect in the interview, are they expecting high level of competency already? How competitive is it etc. Lots on here about the theatre and music strands but I'd appreciate any info on the Film side of things.

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Celeriacacaca Sun 17-Nov-19 18:47:48

My son's there doing another strand. IME they're looking for a passion for the subject and demonstration of this eg knowledge of the subject, small portfolio etc. He needs to be able to talk around the subject and what he's doing outside of school, which directors he admires and why etc. Also, they like to see that he has, or will, progress, so examples through the years to show development. Good luck!

popolina Mon 18-Nov-19 08:32:12

Thanks for the info. Really useful. He's doing Britkids at the moment and has been editing videos for the last year. Started teaching himself after effects and premier pro in the summer so definitely seeing profession. As editing is his passion rather than the directing I'm not sure how he'll fare on favourite directors etc. Fingers crossed! Guessing competition will be fierce.

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