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Surbiton High

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anappleadaykeeps Thu 07-Nov-19 22:28:27

Is anyone else applying for Surbiton High 11+?

What happens next? For our other 11+ options, we've received mailings needing a reply confirming we definitely still are doing the entrance exam. But nothing like that from Surbiton?

Is that right? Or have we missed a letter somehow?

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PhilippaFawcett Fri 08-Nov-19 07:11:08

Shortly after applying we were invited to a taster morning. Think there were two dates next week and two the week after. If you haven't had that email you should chase them. No confirmation of exam details yet.

anappleadaykeeps Fri 08-Nov-19 11:17:18

Oh yes, I forgot about the taster morning - yes we are booked in for one of those. So it doesn't sound like we have missed anything yet.

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anappleadaykeeps Fri 08-Nov-19 11:17:36

Thank you

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autumnnightsaredrawingin Sat 09-Nov-19 14:08:13

Same as us- invitation to a ‘who am I’ taster day. If you’ve applied for any kind of scholarship they are pretty good at keeping in touch about that I’ve found. Waiting to hear about shortlisting.

Good luck to all sitting this school (my daughter included!) we loved it.

anappleadaykeeps Sun 10-Nov-19 09:18:36

We've applied for a bursary (deadline was 31 Oct), but haven't heard anything back about that yet.

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