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Homeschool y9 advice and support

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cakeisalwaystheanswer Wed 11-Mar-20 19:22:43

At a risk of stating the blindingly obvious, have you checked the Home Ed section in Education?

Annabelle79 Wed 11-Mar-20 19:15:18

Dear Elleyangel,

Thank you for your reply.

Actually, I messaged a few groups but none never answered.
I was wondering if any of you have heard of markmypapers? There no review online even on trustpilot and I would like my ds having assessment from proper experienced teacher.
As well I was looking for online school but would like to hear real feedback from parents and kids rather than google ad.

If anyone can help I would be grateful.

Have all a nice evening.


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Elleyangel16 Mon 04-Nov-19 17:57:06

have you tried facebook. We are in SE and now home ed 4 of our children. There are lots of support groups on facebook we found this to be the best when we found that we suddenly had to pull all 4 out of school due to a lack of support. Home schooling UK should be able to point you in the right direction. hope this helps xxx

Annabelle79 Mon 04-Nov-19 17:11:30

Hi fellow parents,

My ds is in year 9 and homeschooled during the process of finding a new school. I am looking for any advice, resources, group of support/kids homeschooled happy to share some lesson/advice/ play activities like sport or theatre, anything around that topic would be helpful so please do not hesitate to answer this thread.
We are in SW, London.

Thank you all for reading

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