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NI Numbers 16th birthday

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amaliamercedes Thu 31-Oct-19 22:53:50

Has anyone experienced delays in getting NI numbers from HMRC when DS/DDs turn 16? It's supposed to be automatic...

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malmontar Fri 01-Nov-19 00:09:14

Yeap, my friend never got it and had to apply and go for an interview so there are blips in the system. Give them a call.

chocolatespiders Fri 01-Nov-19 00:12:20

Dd got a letter few months before 16 birthday. Call them or register online and letter should be on there - we recently printed new copy off from there.

estherfrewen Fri 01-Nov-19 05:10:00

DS got his this week and will be 16 in January

PettsWoodParadise Fri 01-Nov-19 08:25:28

I note the guidance says to get it automatically there have to be two things, a UK resident and a parent has filled in a child benefit form. Now we did when DD was little but no longer qualify so do not claim CB. This second criteria is surely going to have to change as DCs whose parents don’t qualify for CB never claim

Lara53 Fri 01-Nov-19 20:22:50

DS was 16 last October - his NI number arrived in August around 2 months before

TreePeepingWatcher Fri 01-Nov-19 22:24:48

Ds got his about 2 months before his 16th birthday. I would chase it.

JumpingFrogs Fri 01-Nov-19 22:31:04

Two of my kids didn't get sent an NI number. Had to ring up, and they then got them within a few days.

mamandematribu Sat 02-Nov-19 09:22:22

My eldest has sn and gets dla. So she got hers quite younger than 16.( maybe age 3)

beenrumbled Sat 02-Nov-19 09:31:55

Came through 2 months before Ds and DDs 16th birthdays.

Greyhound22 Sat 02-Nov-19 11:48:39

There is currently a delay in some areas and they are taking a few months after people turn 16 to come through. It's causing a right headache on the project I work on.

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