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Winchester secondary schools - which order for new P6/7 transfer?

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gjeilo Sun 27-Oct-19 20:00:43

Apologies - I know this has been done to death, and I know they are all good schools, and everyone on Mumsnet likes their own school - but I'd really appreciate your views on which school would suit both my DC especially from current parents.

We are looking to relocate to Winchester for DH's work, renting at first, so we should (fingers crossed) be able to rent in the catchment areas of the school we put on transfer form which needs to be in this week. We also have an older DD who will be going to Peter Symonds.

DD (going into Y9) who is possibly going to be a late developer academically, middle set at the moment for maths and English, well-liked by peers and teachers as she is easy-going, and hard-working. She could do with encouragement to increase her academic confidence.

DS (going into Y7) is top set maths, coasts in other subjects, not at all sporty. Both play instruments and would enjoy drama/art/music opportunities, although for DS he would have to be pushed nudged into them - he wouldn't seek them out.

They get on very well together and as this would be the third school in as many years I want to get it right. I'm unable to visit the schools and need to get the form in by Thursday for secondary transfer. I've already spoken to a person responsible for admissions at one of the schools who advised me to do this so that we are in the system. I would then update the council with our news address before the cut-off in January and apply for an in-year transfer for DD.

So... Winchester parents, given my DC, which order should I put Henry Beaufort, Kings and Westgate in?

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NumberblockNo1 Sun 27-Oct-19 20:02:59

Which has spaces in both years? It used to be that Kings set heavily and HB didnt, but Im not up to date! I liked both.They're all good, but like anywhere do have different characters.

gjeilo Sun 27-Oct-19 20:10:51

From recent posts, I don't think Kings sets so much any more. It looks like the children used to be set across all subjects - so they did PE with their maths class for example - but this wasn't the case now.

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IceCreamConewithaflake Sun 27-Oct-19 21:03:23

Also take a look at Perins in Alresford.

gjeilo Sun 27-Oct-19 21:36:48

I did look at Perins but I liked the idea of all the DC walking to school. With the eldest DD being at Peter Symonds, I thought that moving to Winchester and sending the other two to one of the secondaries would be the best option for all.

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Mumof3cherubs Sun 27-Oct-19 23:01:23

Have friends with children at HB who are very happy with it. I know they set for maths. Not in other subjects at least in the lower years.

ListeningQuietly Wed 30-Oct-19 18:19:14

Get the kids to look at the school websites
which one has the buildings and clubs they like best
as academically all three are great
and Symonds is fab

Lemonsole Thu 31-Oct-19 21:46:01

Kings set for everything, but don't stream - you can be set 1 for Maths, and set 6 for English, for example.

Shannaratiger Thu 31-Oct-19 21:51:35

My Ds is in year 8 at HB. I think he's set for maths but not sure about other school. Exam results are excellent and they have helped my son lots with his anxiety.

Lemonsole Fri 01-Nov-19 08:24:52

HB is most likely to have space in yr 9, I suspect. All three schools filled up their yr 7 this year. Westgate is least likely to have space, as it filled up this year without taking any out of catchment children, other than a few at partner schools.
Our kids have friends at all three; all seem to be happy!

gjeilo Fri 01-Nov-19 20:40:40

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to post. My application is in. Now to tell the children, find a house and move...

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