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Headington School

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Jammyfunky Wed 15-Jan-20 22:17:48

Thank you for the insights. When we visited we felt the school offered many opportunities for all types of girls to explore, but the quality of teaching is paramount to us. Well, the adults anyway! DD most interested in whether the girls “are nice and kind”!

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HamptonHogwarts Sun 12-Jan-20 17:42:58

Very nice school. Used to work with their current Head of English, who is a very able and incredibly hardworking chap. She is in good hands there. I think the girls do interesting extension and enrichment tasks; the quality is very good and what a lovely part of the country.

mumsie12 Sun 12-Jan-20 15:04:13

It wasn't Davenport and I believe the younger girls have to hand phones in overnight. I think the teaching and settings for subjects were accurate. I have had 2 daughters at Headington and firmly believe it very much depends on the personality of the child as to whether they flourish in a school or not as well as who they make friends with.

Jammyfunky Sun 12-Jan-20 14:06:54

Than you again mumsie12 - this is all very encouraging. DD might half weekly board so I hope the house you mentioned isn't their junior house, Davenport? How are their settings for subjects? Do you find them more or less accurate, and flexible with movements according to the child's development/progress?

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mumsie12 Fri 10-Jan-20 19:41:43

The girls at Headington are down to earth and friendly and welcoming. There were quite a few girls from other schools not only Headington prep. We were disappointed with the pastoral care in one of the boarding houses as the discipline regarding mobile phones was lax. There are some great opportunities at this school and the teachers do their best to help with after school clubs etc near to GCSE's to boost grades.

Jammyfunky Fri 10-Jan-20 14:21:24

mumsie12 thank you for the feedback. Can you tell us more about the pastoral care aspect of the school? And are the girls down to earth and welcoming to new joiners? I was told on assessment day that some 60 girls came up directly from its Prep, so slightly worried about how new girls are integrated.

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mumsie12 Thu 09-Jan-20 19:15:17

My daughter has weekly boarded there since aged 12 and is now in the sixth form. She has been happy there and the teaching is excellent.

WeakandWobbly Wed 04-Dec-19 22:01:15

Also looking at this school for my DD, so if anyone can reassure that the girls get some down time during weekly boarding, that would be great . Thanks!

Jammyfunky Thu 24-Oct-19 16:47:34

Thanks for your point of view. This certainly has put my mind at ease. I like their broad range of intake, and it will work better with larger numbers.

We are not too far out of Oxford, and also on their school bus route so this may help.

Does anyone know how long their school day is? Are parents happy with their quality of teaching?

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WhyAmIPayingFees Thu 24-Oct-19 10:33:30

I think the headline pupil number refers to the sum of junior and senior department so the senior department is not especially big - perhaps around 800 in the senior department, compared to maybe about 660 at SHSK but half the size of Cherwell. So it is not really that big and I do not think the size would affect settling in beyond the normal issues of moving from a junior school to any much larger senior school. Our DD went to SHSK in the end but we did look at pupil numbers around the Oxford area. Having a decent size really does help, especially in providing a broader range of extra curricular activities. DD goes up to Headington for sports events and it is a lovely school. If you want much smaller Wychwood does a great job. The issue with Oxford schools is traffic and the daily commute - it seriously affected our thoughts living out of Oxford. Have you thought about that?

Jammyfunky Thu 24-Oct-19 08:33:08

Hi all, my first post here. I am considering Headington senior school for my DD joining in Y7. Are there any recent experience with the school? I hear it is a great school but a little worried about that it’s so big (number is pupils)? Is it hard to settle in?

Thanks - any feedback is much appreciated.

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