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Help Dorset Area....state or private recommendations

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Lulu1919 Mon 21-Oct-19 18:04:38

Hello looking at senior schools ..year 8 or 9 start....( could do year 7 )
DD currently at a small private mixed school year six
Looking ahead....we are due to move house within the next year so open to info on any area of Dorset
Help !!!

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MuddledUpAgain Mon 21-Oct-19 18:10:32

Which part of Dorset are you moving to?

MuddledUpAgain Mon 21-Oct-19 18:14:22

Sorry, completely misread.

There are lots of options, depends if you want three tier or two tier.

Wimborne, corfe Mullen you'd have the option of both as there are middle (up to y8) and upper schools (from y9) and primary and secondary. Wareham way offers this as well I believe.

Corfe Hills has recently done very well in exams. QE is nearby as well. Recently been upgraded.
Lytchett minster has a good rep. There is also Parkstone grammar (but entry exam required).

I don't know much about the north Dorset schools (other than blandford which is believe is a little hit and miss at the moment)

Hopingtobeamum Mon 21-Oct-19 18:17:58

I went to Parkstone Grammar, excellent school, hard going and not easy but got an excellent and free education. I've had similar reports from friends who have children there now and also at Bournemouth School for Girls.
Good luck x

SinkGirl Mon 21-Oct-19 18:22:23

Poole and Bournemouth both have all girls grammar schools. Parkstone Grammar starts in y8 (you need to sit the 12+), I believe Bournemouth school for girls starts in Y7 (so 11+ for entry) IIRC.

SinkGirl Mon 21-Oct-19 18:23:07

Me too Hoping - I did not love it, but it served me well! Think it’s very different these days!

Bythebeach Mon 21-Oct-19 18:29:27

If you want to consider the grammars, the main round of tests are over. You’ll need to find out if there are special arrangements for those moving into area.

Bythebeach Mon 21-Oct-19 18:32:49

PS Parkstone entry is yr 7 too nowadays

HugoSpritz Mon 21-Oct-19 18:35:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SinkGirl Mon 21-Oct-19 19:13:19

Wow, is it really? Shows what I know! So are all the secondaries from Y7 in Poole now or just the grammars?

Punxsutawney Mon 21-Oct-19 20:39:05

sink I think all the secondaries in Poole are now year 7 start. Corfe Hills is still year 9 though.

I think the girls grammars locally are pretty good. Having experienced one of the local boys grammars, I don't think they are up to the same standards.

SinkGirl Mon 21-Oct-19 20:49:00

I had no idea. My boys are only 3 so wasn’t aware. Good to know!

Lulu1919 Tue 22-Oct-19 06:40:14

Not looking at Grammar Schools
Want somewhere small ...not 900 plus per year group kinda place
Thanks for your replies

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iMatter Tue 22-Oct-19 06:45:29

Canford, Clayesmore and Bryanston are all private schools in Dorset. All very different but if you check out their websites you might get an idea of which might suit your dd.

SinkGirl Tue 22-Oct-19 07:27:30

Twynham School in Christchurch has a very good reputation

GoodwithRocksandGems Tue 22-Oct-19 09:17:51

Talbot Heath school for girls if you would consider private.

PostNotInHaste Fri 25-Oct-19 05:04:11

I don’t think there are any 900 plus per year group places . The up and coming state school is Ferndown Upper which had a new Head a few years ago. It was very good at bringing up the middle achievers before that but just heard of someone who has come out with a couple of A *s and they are introducing Computer Science A level so I think there might be a push to change that.

Corfe Hill’s has been through a few bad years reputation wise. QE has a new Head since the summer who is making positive changes which is encouraging. Twynham has a good reputation but doesn’t seem to suit everyone . The one I never hear a bad word about is Lytchett Minster I haven’t seen for a few years but was very impressed, sadly we were out of catchment and didn’t get in but are off to look next month for 6th form.

Don’t know much about it but might be worth looking at Gryphon School in Sherborne, I don’t think it’s very big and alsways seems to do well. Agree the Girl’s Grammars are better than the boys . As said there for private there is Canford, Clayesmore, Bryanstine nad Talbot Heath and would also mention Ballard which a couple of friends had children through and were very happy there. No sixth firm though but access to the Hampshire 6th forms. Not heard anything goof about Bournemouth Collegiate either.

We’re currently doing the rounds again for sixth form and something to consider is that if your child would prefer a sixth form college when the time comes there are lots over in Hampshire but not so many options in Poole Bournemouth area as have yet to hear anything positive about Poole and Bournemouth College. We’re feeling a bit stuck for DS at the moment who has found an excellent option for him out of area but so far hasn’t the two we have been to locally haven’t find down well (Bournemouth and Ringwood) so hoping the next few weeks things improve as see more.

PostNotInHaste Fri 25-Oct-19 05:18:45

I don’t know much about other than it’s a Church school but St Peters cropped up a lot in sixth form discussions last year.

MrPickles73 Fri 25-Oct-19 23:39:10

Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth

EBearhug Fri 25-Oct-19 23:57:32

You'll have more choice down east Dorset. If you're looking at state schools down west Dorset, Dorchester is Thomas Hardye, Bridport is Colfox, Lyme Regis is Woodroffe. Weymouth has Budmouth and Wey Valley and All Saints.

You need to think about which bit of Dorset you'll be in, because not all the roads are big and fast. I know that's not the only factor in choosing a school, but west Dorset lanes in winter can be challenging.

Punxsutawney Sat 26-Oct-19 09:13:44

Dorset roads are bad, no motorway either. Bournemouth was in the top 3 worst in the country for congestion and traffic, I think only London and Edinburgh were worse.

SuzanneV Sat 26-Oct-19 09:27:16

Gillingham School in North Dorset is very good and always popular.

reefedsail Sat 26-Oct-19 09:35:04

I think there is more to think about than just which schools are available.

How rural are you happy with? West/ North Dorset are quite slow- you might love that or hate that. Do you want to be near the sea?

What's your budget for an Independent school? Are the big 40kpa schools in the running?

StanleySteamer Mon 28-Oct-19 23:50:19

Used to teach at Corfe Hills, had children who went to Ferndown and grandchildren who went to QE Wimborne. You are spoilt for choice in East Dorset. QE and Corfe Hills are served by Middle Schools which accounts for why they take kids in in year 9. Corfe Hills Ofsted, (after I retired!) was totally undeserved and their results were better than QE. QE is popular because the buildings are brand new, but the education there is much the same as it always was. Ferndown is much better than it used to be. Corefe Hills used to have the 5th biggest sixth form in the country which meant a huge rangge of A levels, but I think due too population drop off, this may have reduced a tiny bit. pm me for more off the record comment.

StanleySteamer Mon 28-Oct-19 23:50:51

My my, my spelling is off, must be tired and off to bed!

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