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Music scholarship Kingsdale vs South London indies

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MonkeySeeMonkey Wed 09-Oct-19 17:05:27

Quick one I think, but success on a Kindsdale music scholarship is not indicative of potential success for one of the south London independent schools, is it?

I'm thinking Dulwich, Emanuel, Alleyn's etc are expecting a much higher level of achievement and interest than Kingsdale which is looking for potential only, but just want to check my logic with people who may have experienced both previously.


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JoJoSM2 Wed 09-Oct-19 20:29:38

Kingsdale is a comp with average progress scores (but does seem to be crazy popular). I wouldn't see how it would be hugely relevant to applying for successful indies.

onewhitewhisker Wed 09-Oct-19 20:51:38

Hi OP, I'm not sure it's as clear-cut as that. As I understand it, Kingsdale being a comp is not allowed to select for level reached in music (e.g. to specify a minimum grade), only for aptitude, however, in practice, it must be hard to disentangle pure aptitude from prior musical training and practice etc. plus, massive numbers of DC go for the Kingsdale music scholarships which must push the bar up somewhat even if it's theoretically all abut potential. Anecdotally one of the DC I know who got a Kingsdale scholarship last year was at grade 6 on their instrument which I think at 10/11 is in line with what an indie would be looking for? However I have also heard of DC being successful more around the grade 3 or 4 level (though also of some at that level who weren't successful).

minisnowballs Wed 09-Oct-19 21:02:17

Anecdotally the ones I know who actually took up the scholarships were all grade 4 and below... , though often on unusual instruments (brass mainly), rather than on violin or piano.

I think those who have higher grades often take it but don't then go, if you see what I mean?

MonkeySeeMonkey Wed 09-Oct-19 21:44:01

Sorry, I realise maybe my questions didn't make sense out of context. I just would feel comfortable putting DC forward for a Kingsdale music scholarship - wouldn't think twice about trying -- but am intimidated by the independents. DC plays piano for the past 4 years and is working towards grade 4, has merits and distinction under their belt, quite good and self motivated but not definitely not a child prodigy. Ho hum.

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minisnowballs Wed 09-Oct-19 21:57:32

I think most indies have the grade requirements on their websites- which I guess helps. Most people I've spoken to seemed to think G5 on first instrument (4 at a push) and then G3 on the second. And piano and violin the most competitive (brass and the more unusual woodwind the least). Not that we're even looking at it (though my dd did have a go at the Kingsdale one), I was just curious.

onemouseplace Wed 09-Oct-19 22:01:18

I though the indies usually want at least Grade 5 on their first instrument?

Doryhunky Wed 09-Oct-19 22:04:40

If I remember rightly alleyns wanted g5 and kings dale genuinely were looking for aptitude. They will also give scholarships for just singing

JoJoSM2 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:55:56

OP, were you hoping for a scholarship at one of the independents?

Natalia175 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:58:06

Hi, if it helps, my DD tried everything last year. She plays the piano (main instruments, she was following Suzuki method and had no formal grades but actually could play grade 5 ), also she was playing violin at grade 3 level). She got a full music scholarship at Kingsdale, was invited to audition at Emmanuel (no scholarship at the end), and got a music scholarship at Streatham and Clapham. Other indies like Alleyns, Putney, WHS did not invite her to audition.

JoJoSM2 Wed 09-Oct-19 23:08:31

Have you considered trying indies with a more mixed intake of ability? They might be ok with a lower grade.

MonkeySeeMonkey Wed 09-Oct-19 23:48:18

I'm of the nothing ventured nothing gained mentality but also am not native so often don't know "the rules". So yes, I was looking to see if a scholarship would be a possibility at an independent. (Bursary won't be, academic scholarship may be quite possibly). But if the Grade 5 is a hard line, then I won't pursue it. Thanks Natalia esp, that direct experience is sort of what I wanted to hear.

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minisnowballs Thu 10-Oct-19 09:09:29

I think if you're looking at some of the other schools it might be a possibility - Dunstans for example? Syd high if you have a girl? Trinity? This list is old but might help. Perhaps not the Dulwich ones though.

MonkeySeeMonkey Thu 10-Oct-19 09:57:59

Thanks, that list is very helpful.

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JoJoSM2 Thu 10-Oct-19 12:37:24

I looked at some other schools last night but often 2 instruments expected and often the scholarship is more of a recognition, eg 1k off the fees.

MrsPatmore Thu 10-Oct-19 16:58:05

Music scholarships at the independents don't often attract a huge fee remission. There may be free lessons but scholars are expected to participate fully in the musical life of the school; orchestras, music tours and performances etc. The music scholars we know at the Dulwich schools are at least Grade 5/6 in their main instrument and Grade 3 in a second or have a voice Grade. Higher grades for violin and piano as there are lots of near child prodigies on these instruments even at 10/11! Bassoon or oboe would attract far less applicants and therefore lower grades.

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