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Cut-off distancefor 6th Form Camden School for Girls

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distancequestion Fri 04-Oct-19 14:39:26

My son is interested in applying to the 6th Form of Camden School for Girls. I cannot find past cut-off distances for the 6th Form either on their website or on Camden Council's school pages. I would like to have a rough idea about how realistic it is to apply before going to the open days - we live in Islington.
Could anybody please point me in the right direction to find the information?
Thank you very much

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Zinnia Fri 04-Oct-19 19:45:39

You need to call either the school or Camden Admissions.

Which6thform Fri 04-Oct-19 22:08:28

They have a supplementary admissions / enrolment session about a week after GCSE results. If you (only) have a waiting list (which I believe everybody or at least those with good enough predictions get, if they apply on time and don't get an offer initially), and also get good enough grades incl. 6 in maths and english language, then show up and there is a decent chance of an offer that same afternoon/evening. Grades in the chosen 3 or 4 subjects seems to be what really matters on that day (for those who have the waiting list letter, at least). So, just apply!

The downside of getting in this way is missing out on the taster day - so the open day and other research are very important. Also, your DC will most likely already have enrolled somewhere else, and may be reluctant to switch.

With good grades (say mostly 7+) there are many good/great 6th forms to choose from, with distance much, much less of a constraint (often not at all) than the crazy scrum for year 7 places

distancequestion Sat 05-Oct-19 08:25:00

Thank you for the replies. Interesting to learn that the distance criterion can be fluid. He is predicted 8s and 9s so we will definitely go and see it.

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