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Bad start to new school

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Pineapple5678 Wed 02-Oct-19 20:23:10

My son has ADD and ASD he does not have an ECHP.

He had a really good start to secondary school last year with lots of minor adjustments in the classroom. Simple things like the teacher ensuring the he understood what was expected, fiddle toy, print outs so he doesn’t have to copy off of the board, movement breaks, being reminded to stay on task etc it was an easy transition with the teachers obviously aware how to make minor adjustments.

We moved over the summer and last week he started a new school he has attended for 8 days. He is in year 8

A week before he started I met with the head of year and Senco spoke about the minor adjustments making a huge difference. I handed of his student profile detailing the assistance he receives and adjustments.

Today I get a call from his tutor who is concerned about his behaviour has he in disengaged with learning during the subject lesson that she teaches. I mentioned that obviously with his disabilities he finds transitions difficult etc and she had no idea what I was talking about!
I asked if she had seen his student profile, she checked whilst on the phone and there was nothing listed under his name.
I am so angry and sad that my son has spent a while week in a school where no one was aware of his needs. I have come home today to find out he has a 50 minute detention tomorrow for distracting others during class and having to be removed.

The tutor has said she will email all his subject teachers so they are aware but I don’t know whether to phone up tomorrow and vent my frustration and refuse for him to attend the detention?

I am so sad and feel so guilty he was in a school where he was thriving and we’ve had to move him to a school where they can’t manage the basics.

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Catwoman1985 Wed 02-Oct-19 21:00:03

My advice would be to proceed with a bit of caution. Sometimes one teacher won’t know where to look to get SEND info but won’t be representative of the majority of staff. Last year the school got it pretty right so you have that foundation to build on. That’s not to say I don’t get how you’re feeling right now but I think it might be best to approach by asking how teachers are informed of student need and where the information is stored. From there you can explain this member of staff didn’t know and you’ve noticed a downturn in how your child is managing so could it be teachers aren’t aware of needs etc.

Ilikecheese789 Wed 02-Oct-19 21:00:33

What happened to his old school and that’s awful. I suggest you don’t send him to the detention as they are punishing him for his disabilities which they’ve failed to accommodate. If you have time, I suggest you ,yourself, email all his teachers with his student profile as teachers may forget.

Pineapple5678 Wed 02-Oct-19 21:10:04

Thank you for replying.

Catwoman1985 This is a new school as we moved house into a area and therefore he can no longer attend the school he did before.

This was his tutor which is why I find it so shocking. Like I say she checked whilst I was on the phone and could find no information.

I feel that all his teachers should of been informed that they had a new starter via email and he has these disabilities please check his student profile.

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