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Hackney catchment map?

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ABPMum Tue 01-Oct-19 10:18:46

Thanks so much! Found it on the site you sent and the last admitted by distance, difference in Skinner’s - our nearest - is huge from 2018 (less than a mile) to 2019 ( over two miles) for band D - for Band A it flips! Almost double what it was 2018 in 2019. I guess almost impossible to check and probably to keep it as fair as possible. Thanks all.

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Zinnia Tue 01-Oct-19 09:56:17

Learning Trust, even!

Zinnia Tue 01-Oct-19 09:55:58

Yes the Learning Try's website isn't the clearest... says it has all the information here about previous years' distances.

ABPMum Tue 01-Oct-19 09:44:02

Sorry - I should have made my query much clearer - thanks for your responses. I am trying to find the current years furthest distance admitted place and can’t seem to find it?

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LonginesPrime Tue 01-Oct-19 09:00:31

The Learning Trust website used to have their own branded pdf prospectus for each school with a map of the addresses they took pupils from in the preceding admissions year, but it looks like they don't seem to do that any more.

As a PP said, it depends on the school, how many siblings/SEN/looked after children/other special criteria pupils apply in any given year anyway.

Some schools you can get into from across the borough (some years at least) and for others, you would need to be practically living on their doorstep to get in.

hoxt Tue 01-Oct-19 08:44:33

Where do you live and which schools are you interested in?

Zinnia Tue 01-Oct-19 08:44:21

*far better off!

Zinnia Tue 01-Oct-19 08:43:38

AFAIK Hackney schools admit on distance, which will vary year to year. So no "catchments" in the strict sense of the word.

Most LAs don't publish maps for that reason - you should be able to find the "last distance admitted" information for the schools you're looking at on Hackney's website.

If you really must see a map, the website is excellent BUT the data isn't up-to-date. You are fat better off using Hackney's figures.

As I'm sure you know - so forgive my stating the obvious - admissions distances can vary significantly between years.

ABPMum Tue 01-Oct-19 08:00:32

Hi - sorry having great difficulty find a catchment area map for secondary schools. Can anybody help please?

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