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Sodexo School Lunch - refusing refund

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RedskyLastNight Mon 23-Sep-19 12:32:38

I can easily see that Sodexo don't have an easy mechanism to refund (they don't have a direct link to individuals; only the school), which is why they don't offer the service.
I doubt they are pocketing a profit every year as most people would run their account down if they knew they were leaving.

Can you see if you can transfer the money to someone else (who then pays you back) or go into school and "spend the money"?
Otherwise I guess you persevere with Head Office? Write in a complaint - the onus is on them to sort it.

Shister Mon 23-Sep-19 07:22:15

My DD finished year 11 in June 2019 and had a credit on her Sodexo lunch account. I contacted the school who then rang Sodexo site manager and he informed them no refunds are given. I have about £50 on her account. I'm really struggling to find a contact email for Sodexo. I've rang head office who didn't seem to know who to contact, rang local Sodexo and despite leaving voicemails no one gets back to me. Emailed the school and they don't reply. I've asked for a statement of account and I'm still waiting.

Anyone know if refunds are given. We didn't have a student payment portal as she left just before they were brought in for school lunch payment processing. I used to send her in with a cheque.

If all children are leaving school with a small credit Sodexo must be pocketing a profit every year and having a policy of no refunds surely you s unethical.


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