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Where to live for Wimbledon High School

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dvadithala Sun 22-Sep-19 00:43:38

What are the best-suited family-friendly areas near Wimbledon High School? Our budget is around £600K for a three-bedroom house. I work near London Bridge.

Thank you.

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JoJoSM2 Sun 22-Sep-19 08:09:03

Sutton. There’s a direct train from Sutton to Wimbledon (buses too). There’s also a direct train to London Bridge for your commute.
It’s a very safe area popular with professional families, tons of amenities and it’s also affordable so 600k will indeed get you a proper house.

BIWI Sun 22-Sep-19 08:18:28

South Wimbledon?

This looks good and is within your budget. An easy walk to South Wimbledon tube station (Northern Line for you to get to London Bridge), and on the 93 bus route which goes into Wimbledon and stops really close to the school).

This house is near to the Abbey Road recreation ground and also very close to the very lovely Morden Hall Park.

dvadithala Sun 22-Sep-19 10:25:58

Thank you @JoJoSM2 appreciate your advice.

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dvadithala Sun 22-Sep-19 10:27:36

How is the Worcester Park area for families as a backup option? The frequency of trains from Worcester Park is better than Sutton.

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JoJoSM2 Sun 22-Sep-19 11:55:21

Worcester Park is a good option too. Again, a suburban area popular with professional families.
It’s on the Waterloo line with only 2 trains an hour?
Sutton is a biggish busy station with trains to Wimbledon, Victoria, London Bridge as well as the Thameslink to Blackfriars, City Thameslink and beyond.
South Wimbledon I’d put in the ‘up-and-coming’ bracket. The tube + bus to the school sound brill, though.

FlumePlume Sun 22-Sep-19 19:08:09

You can walk to WHS in 20 minutes from S Wimbledon tube - though that house is just off a very busy road and on top of the Northern line, so it might be noisy and potentially able to feel the vibrations of the trains.

You should also look at Morden / the south eastern end of Merton Park, as that would also give you access to the Northern line and the 93 bus, and you might get more for your money.

dvadithala Wed 25-Sep-19 08:58:20

Thank you very much @JoJoSM2 and @FlumePlume

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BIWI Wed 25-Sep-19 10:34:25

Er ...

No thanks for me then?!

TulipCat Tue 01-Oct-19 18:22:19

You might find something in Colliers Wood.

dvadithala Tue 05-Nov-19 06:54:29

Sorry for the miss. Thank you. South Wimbledon is a good option. Appreciate it.

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