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DS has regrets about school choice (year 8)

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ivegotdreadfulpmttoday Fri 20-Sep-19 13:49:15

I gave my son choice over which secondary school he went to. He chose our local comp as all his friends were going there. Also he felt the other school was too small and the thought of getting a bus and not knowing anyone was overwhelming although he thought he’d get a better education there. He has fretted about this ever since. I have tried to reassure him that he made the choice for good reasons and there are lots of positives to the school he goes to. He just can’t let it go. So my question is should I look into moving him or should I help him deal with his regrets- any helpful suggestions with this as so far I have not been able to put his mind at rest.

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ThePhoenixRises Fri 20-Sep-19 13:51:34

No harm in looking and enquiring about spaces.

What does he think will be different/better for him at another school?

TeenPlusTwenties Fri 20-Sep-19 13:51:51

Has the other school got an open evening coming up?
If so you could both pop over and have another look.
Then if still keen and you agree, apply for an in-year transfer but stress to your son there may be no places etc.

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