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Secondary School places - wait lists

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FlowerBasket Sat 14-Sep-19 08:19:09

When state school places are awarded in March 2020 for the following September - if you accept a place but want to go on a waiting list/appeal for another place, is the accepted place held indefinitely until you have concluded the waiting list/appeal situation for the other school?

I didn't apply for my DD to sit for a (state) school for which there is an entrance exam. If I now want her to be considered for a place, she would need to sit a late exam (in order to pass and meet their entrance criteria) and if she was successful in the exam and met their entrance pass mark, she would then go on a waiting list for it after the places have been awarded. But meanwhile, I understand that I should accept a place offered from the other schools on my application who have offered a place, even whilst hoping for a wait list place somewhere else for somewhere she will be sitting a late test for. (I think it unlikely there will be any places left over for late applicants but hey, you never know).

How long does it take (roughly) for all this to get settled? What I mean is, if people accept a place whilst being on a waiting list for another school then presumably it's all a big (complicated) jigsaw?!

At the same time as I would be accepting a place whilst being on a wait list for another school, so would (presumably) there be a few parents who are on a wait list for my accepted place, and also (presumably) there would be a few parents at my wait-list school who are on a wait list for somewhere else... etc etc.

Anyone have any advice or experience as to how this all works?

The one thing I have gleaned from here is to accept a place offered even if hoping/waiting for a place from somewhere else, but does the accepted place just get held until you inform them you have accepted a place elsewhere (ie your wait list place, should it be offered in due course?) Thanks in advance.

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prh47bridge Sat 14-Sep-19 10:28:15

Once you have accepted the place it is yours. It won't be taken away from you just because you appeal or go on the waiting list for another school. However, once we get to the start of term they won't keep the place for you indefinitely if your daughter doesn't turn up.

FlowerBasket Sat 14-Sep-19 10:45:57

Thanks for reply prh47bridge. I wouldn't want to keep a place indefinitely, I wouldn't like the thought that I was keeping anyone else waiting (although the local school likely to offer a place is good but not over subscribed school as far as I can tell).

I guess I'm just having a bit of a wobble today sad .Just wondered how long the appeals/wait list situation takes to sort out come March when all the offers go out. I guess it's how long is a piece of string smile but is it weeks, months.. at least I know to accept a place at the best option offered first and then wait and see with other places.

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prh47bridge Sat 14-Sep-19 11:10:56

There is a strict timescale for appeals. As long as you lodge any appeal before the deadline set by the council, it must be heard within 40 school days of that deadline. Any appeal will definitely be heard before the start of the summer holidays.

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