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SWLondon Boys 2020

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11plusagain Sun 08-Sep-19 15:36:48

Can't believe I've got to go through it again but DS is in Y6 so we need make some decisions soon- anyone in the same boat??
We've seemingly looked round everywhere- older DD is at a CoEd but DS adamant he wants single sex.
There just seems to be a shortage of all boys schools.
Are very lucky in that DS got a 10+ place at KGS but he really doesn't want to go there although we have paid the deposit, but I don't think its right for him.
At a state primary so not much help from them..
Thinking at the moment we will do Hampton, Dulwich, KCS and possibly St Pauls but last 2 def long shots. May try for Tiffin as well.
I think KGS was a bit of a fluke but hard to know where he is academically - how do the other schools compare academically wise- or at least admissions wise?
Anyone got direct feedback of any of these- we are on the Barnes/Putney border so need to think about journey as well.

Had a great supportive thread when went through this a few years ago so would be good to have another one this time!

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Gingercat1223 Sun 08-Sep-19 17:46:07

Wow, 10plus place already at KGS is really good, the choice should be yours.

In theory if he got 10plus at KGS he will get into KCS.

AveEldon Sun 08-Sep-19 21:29:57

Have you already registered for Tiffin?

11plusagain Sun 08-Sep-19 21:48:18

Yes- he's registered for Tiffin.
And yes, theoretically he should be ok if he got KGS but I'm not so sure! I think Hampton or Dulwich may suit him more than KCS anyway so was wondering how they compare at 11plus?

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Gingercat1223 Sun 08-Sep-19 22:36:14

My ds is at Hampton & got an offer from KGS. (This is a few years ago). Several of his class also got into KCS too but some didn't. You need strong English for KCS. Several also got Tiffin.

Despite the extensive bus map Hampton is still quite a local school, the cross over with Dulwich is small compared to KGS/KCS/Tiffin/RGS in Guildford & Reeds in Cobham.
If your dc is sporty you will need to drive to Hampton most Saturdays.
The boat house for rowing is in Sunbury.

For a child of the ability level that your ds has to get offered KGS 10 plus the decision making can come down to:

Scholarship - esp v Tiffin place

Music - if dc is gifted

Sport - if sports scholarship is offered

Distance - length & cost of journey

After that it often comes down to something like football v rugby (Hampton is 1 or the other, not both).

Or with KCS the fact the 11 entry is still quite new, how do the ds merge at 13 with the boys coming from the prep & taught common entrance.

If your ds like exams & interviews, see how he goes with Tiffin first stage & register for the schools listed. Don't forget you have got a good chance of a KGS scholarship too. There was a very very long SW girls schools thread this year & on it 1 dd had KGS 10plus but sat 6 other schools, she ended up with loads of offers, Tiffin, Guildford High scholarship, KGS scholarship & 100 % Latymer Upper school scholarship offer - ie same cost as Tiffin.

volpemum Mon 09-Sep-19 10:45:32

Only 3 boys from my DS school got into Dulwich and they were pretty much the top 4 academically. I think its harder at 11+ than at 13+ sadly. But as other have said if he got an offer at KGS then am sure he will be ok ! I definitely found it more challenging with DS than DD because as you say there seems to be less options ? You could also have a look at Whitgift / Trinity options depending on where you live. Best of luck !

Talksunderwater Mon 09-Sep-19 15:16:30

I agree that with a 10+ Offer at KGS (congrats!) your DS has a good chance at Hampton & KCS which in my view are both fantastic schools. I know boys at both. I don’t know Dulwich (too far from us) and SPJ not right for our DSs. I have been through SW London 11+ with my DS1 and DS2 (he did it earlier this year) so wish you all the best! KCS is good for where you live.

Thesunalwaysshines Mon 09-Sep-19 22:15:05

My DS got both KGS 10+, then Hampton and KCS at 11+, plus one other. I think they only give c20 places at KGS, don't they? In theory it's harder if you look at how many sit versus offers bearing in mind they are also co ed.

Your DS will be fine, though surely Dulwich from where you live is too far when there are great boys schools on your door step, St Paul's, for example!

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

11plusagain Tue 10-Sep-19 09:55:28

Thanks all- yes Dulwich is too far really.
DS's favourite is Hampton so we will probably just see what happens and make decisions when we know if we are lucky to have any to make!

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Gingercat1223 Thu 02-Jan-20 17:08:57

I can't find the thread asking why Hampton is having 2 sittings next Monday but apparently it's because the 13+ sitting is on the same day, it use to be a few weeks later with a different paper.
Do reassure your ds that not everyone is competing for places with the same entry year.

Sophie42 Sun 05-Jan-20 14:46:55

Gingercat1223 that is very interesting to hear about the reason for two sittings. I was worried as thought it was simply due to competition/bulge year. Where did you see that?

Gingercat1223 Sun 05-Jan-20 15:48:51

The 6 Jan 13plus date is on the Hampton admissions page. I wonder if they want everyone to sit exactly same exam paper so they can rank them as 1 cohort. Before the 11plus rejections/interviews were under way before the 13plus admissions paper was sat.

ladygaga01 Mon 06-Jan-20 10:30:43

When I heard you live Barnes/ Putney why not go for Ibstock Place? I found choosing the closest school always trumps league tables. If your son is great (and it sounds like he is academically able) then he will do well at any school.

You will have the advantage of short commute and more connection with the school (it's always easier to attend parent's evenings and events if you don't need to track across London, or down A3 or anything).

ladygaga01 Mon 06-Jan-20 10:36:04

Sorry - just reread your post and he doesn't want co-ed. Ignore my message

HamptonHogwarts Sun 12-Jan-20 17:55:41

One thing to add about Hampton is that the interviews now carry much more weight and influence the offers. They are setting the bat higher each year and currently the school is in the odd position of boys in the top years who got in through a very different system to the ten and eleven plus cohorts of the past few years. Can be interesting when coaching two brothers with, say, a three year age gap. How to prepare for interviews? Boys need to be well read and able to discuss favourite authors with confidence, to discuss current affairs and general knowledge with equal assurance and be able to respond to follow up questions on the spot. They should plan up possible answers but not read off the pre learned script. A tough balance which naturally sifts at the end stage. There may also be a picture of a world famous artwork, a news image or a statement, inviting the boys to say what they think it is of and how rhey respond to it! Enrolling your son with a newspaper aimed at children, getting them to follow the news headlines and just encouraging them to discuss key all helps. They want to select boys who can think independently and are well informed. Not much then!

Sophie42 Mon 13-Jan-20 21:57:57

Thanks HamptonHogwarts

R272727 Wed 15-Jan-20 10:18:23

Anyone heard from Hampton a no email who is start of alphabet? Also anyone who applied to RGS?

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