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Sutton Coldfield Grammar - Yr 8 intake

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DM1209 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:20:43

Good morning, does anyone have any experience with a year 8 intake for the above girls grammar school? And how did you prep for the test that they have to sit beforehand?
Was it a study every evening before the test?
What part of the year was the test sat in?
Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

PatriciaHolm Sun 08-Sep-19 11:42:00

There isn't a specific intake at Year 8, you would have to go on the waiting list and hope for a vacancy to appear. When a vacancy arises, those on the list are invited to take a test and the place awarded to the highest scorer (subject to a minimum level).

DM1209 Sun 08-Sep-19 21:14:04

Thank you so much for your response. Is the list compiled in any particular way or are all on the list invited to sit the test?

PettsWoodParadise Sun 08-Sep-19 23:15:14

This is from a draft admissions document but seems to be same as past years too:
‘If a place becomes available, candidates on the waiting list in the appropriate year group will be invited to take an admissions test and the place will be awarded to the highest scoring candidate above a minimum standard.’

If it is anything like DD’s Grammar (different area) then places come up rarely and when they do are even more competitive than the 11+ test - often competing with children who have moved into the area from other grammars, independent school candidates who may be looking to change for a variety of reason etc.

How to prepare is tough to advise on as so few sit for such exams as so few places come up. Hopefully someone will come along with experience but at DD’s Grammar for example no places came up in three years as people prefer to stay put when happy with a school. - sorry!

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