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Priority copy of A level script

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NonHypotheticalLurkingParent Sat 07-Sep-19 18:08:05

We put in for a priory copy (not remark) of Dd’s AQA English A level scripts on the 17th August. No sign of them yet. Does anyone know how long the wait should be?

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errorofjudgement Sat 07-Sep-19 21:31:10

I would’ve expected you to have heard by now.
There’s a great thread in higher education that also has some teachers on, can I suggest you repost on there? Im sure you will get some helpful advice and responses.
Link here

We asked for a non- priority remark of one of DDs English papers (OCR) and got the result 2 days later

Witchend Sun 08-Sep-19 01:19:48

I thought priority was meant to be back for 31st August?
That's because if you have a grade changed by then if you missed your offer that's the deadline to have it changed by.

errorofjudgement Sun 08-Sep-19 09:36:50

Actually just for the copy, we got that back the next day.
The results went directly to DD not us

NonHypotheticalLurkingParent Sun 08-Sep-19 16:58:47

Yeah, we’re waiting for the priority copy of the scripts to see what went wrong. I know for some boards, OCR for eg, priority copies are downloadable, so pretty quick. AQA don’t do digital copies, they send out photocopies in the post. Just wondering if dd should’ve received them yet.

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NonHypotheticalLurkingParent Sun 08-Sep-19 17:01:15

Witchend - as dd’s uni place wasn’t dependant on the grade - she’s going for just a regular remark.

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LIZS Sun 08-Sep-19 17:05:17

Priority script should have been end August. Sounds like it was not requested as urgent.

NonHypotheticalLurkingParent Sun 08-Sep-19 17:15:46

Thanks LIZS, that was my suspicion!

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