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Where do Independent School pupils in Bucks go for Secondary who don't get into Grammar?

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TellMeHowToFeel Sat 07-Sep-19 15:34:05

Just wondering.

My DS is looking likely to narrowly miss out on a grammar place, more due to bad performance anxiety than intelligence. My DM has offered to pay for him to study independently if this does indeed come to pass.

I hadn't previously considered this option so have never looked into Independent secondaries in Bucks. Now that I have, it seems there are none - they all stop at age 13? (For boys, anyway).

So if you have a child that attends independent school and isn't going to pass the 11+...Where would you send them? Our particular case is obviously the reverse, but I'm sure that not all parents of kids at independent schools merrily bung them off to the local comprehensive once they turn 13, if they aren't 11+ material??

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 07-Sep-19 15:37:37

Where in Bucks are you? When I lived near Buckingham, most of the kids who didn’t pass their 11+, and whose parents could afford it, went to Akeley Wood.

KittyMcKitty Sat 07-Sep-19 15:44:29

Blue Coats, Shiplake, Claire’s Court and Abingdon are the usual choices.

underneaththeash Sat 07-Sep-19 17:11:39

We're south bucks and the boys who don't go to Grammar school end up at Claire's Court, Shiplake, Berkhamstead. Some go to Merchant Taylor - the exam is a similar standard to the 11+

There's also a school called The Chalfonts Independent Grammar school.

However, he may still pass - you never know until the actual day.

SwanValleyuser77 Sat 07-Sep-19 17:38:34

There’s also Stowe....

BubblesBuddy Sat 07-Sep-19 18:55:15

The schools you are looking at, OP, that go to 13 are independent prep schools, not secondary schools.

The independent secondary schools available are named above but some start at 13, not 11. Few in Bucks. You could look at a prep for 2 years (11-13) and then move to one of the secondaries that start at 13, eg Stowe.

Don’t forget schools in Oxford, eg St Edwards and Aldenham in Herts. Depends where you live. Check fees for secondary independents as they will vary greatly. Stowe would be more expensive than Claire’s Court or Akeley Wood for example. But it’s a very different type of school.

TellMeHowToFeel Sat 07-Sep-19 18:57:39

Thank you all lots. Yes, fingers crossed he still passes but I'd like a Plan B. Didn't know about the Chalfonts school....will look into that one.

Zodlebud Sun 08-Sep-19 07:30:04

If you are close to the Herts border then Berkhamsted, Aldenham and Merchant Taylor’s are popular choices. If you will consider weekly boarding then Haileybury and Bedford School are worth a look.

Thorpe House is also worth a look. Not known for being particularly selective. Only goes to 16 but gets great GCSE results. 41% A*-A and 97% A*-C in 5 or more which bearing in mind they are in a grammar area is not to be sniffed at.

theliverpoolone Sun 08-Sep-19 23:34:41

Not sure why you're ruling out the non-selective schools. My friends ds didn't pass the 11+, went from an independent to the local non-selective (south Bucks) and has done brilliantly there.

BubblesBuddy Mon 09-Sep-19 17:33:42

Lots of parents rule out non selective schools if they have the money to do better. There is a vast difference between Stowe or St Edwards and the Buckingham School for example. It’s not all about results if you have money to pay for 7 years. It’s about better sport, music, facilities, teaching quality and attention to detail for each DC. A good independent offers a lot more than any Bucks secondary could ever offer.

TellMeHowToFeel Mon 09-Sep-19 17:59:47

@theliverpool then your friend is very lucky, but it really depends vastly on which your catchment non selective happens to be so it's not comparing apples to apples. @Bubbles is also right about facilities, class sizes, networking and opportunities

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