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Tarleton Academy, West Lancashire

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Tecza Thu 05-Sep-19 11:11:00

Hi Mums
Have any of you got any experience of Tarleton Academy, West Lancs? I'm considering it for my daughter but can't really make my mind up about how good this school is. Their website is packed with useful info about curriculum, but I never fully trust this, having had a bad experience in the past (paper/digital can take anything, right?). Academically they seem to be on the upward trajectory with GCSE results improving YoY, but what about pastoral care? Would really appreciate if anyone who has /has had children at this school could share their views. Thanks!

soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Sep-19 14:58:58

Hi @Tecza bumping this for you.

Tecza Sun 08-Sep-19 22:41:44

thanks @soniamumsnet

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