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What GCSE grades to succeed at A level?

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OptimusRhyme Fri 23-Aug-19 10:41:03

DSD worked really hard and came out with a
6: English language
6: History
6: Maths
4: Drama
3: French
55 points: double science

Took English lit and stats last year and got both 6s.

She wants to do English, Psychology and History at A-level. I'm worried A level will be a big step up and isn't quite up to it with these grades and maybe a BTEC would be a better option? Neither DH nor I were educated in the English system so wondered what opinions other people might have? DSD has zero confidence and I'm worried A levels will only make it worse.

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Benjispruce Fri 23-Aug-19 10:43:04

Great results! At my DD’s outstanding state school they need 8 passes incl at least a 6 in 5 subjects incl Eng and maths.

Whatsallthisaboutthen Fri 23-Aug-19 10:45:55

In my experience, most kids are capable of their GCSE grade minus one at A level, give or take. Lots of things can affect that either way of course. But with 6s (roughly Bs), she could expect Cs in the same subject at A level. This is purely based on my own observations of students I’ve taught, and not a rule! And I do know plenty who’ve excelled, or crashed out.

Azeema Fri 23-Aug-19 10:46:03

Her grades perfect for her A level choices! She is higher than average A level student. Do not worry.
Now, if she wanted to be a’d be right to worry.

Benjispruce Fri 23-Aug-19 10:46:24

Your DS got 5 Bs, 2 Cs( one higher, one lower) in the old system.
I’m sure they could achieve well if they work hard. Some students mature and work harder and some expect to be pushed like they are for GCSEs. In my experience it’s much more emphasis on the student at A level.

Azeema Fri 23-Aug-19 10:47:51

6 is strong B, almost A!
She did really really well. Be proud. Imagine how much better she do with confidence!

Azeema Fri 23-Aug-19 10:54:03

Your daughter got same grade in GCSE English as Kate Middleton! Kate went to #3 uni in UK.

Schoolmumm Fri 23-Aug-19 13:46:52

The A level subject choice my daughter’s year most struggled with, was English Lit. She had A* in both lit and language at GCSE, and got an A at A level. The girls needed minimum B to take A level, and a couple of girls were allowed to take it with a C. One dropped out after a term, and the other scraped a D at A level, in spite of extra tutoring and extra help in school. The girls who had B at GCSE, mostly had grade C\D at A level. There didn’t seem to be as much direct correlation with the other subjects. She also had A* for her other humanity subjects such as RS and History and got A at A level in Philosopy & Ethics and Psychology too. However there were a lot of unexpected outcomes on those subjects for the other girls. If 6 is a strong B, then she should be capable of achieving a B/C, but just be warned with the English!

Propertyfaux Fri 23-Aug-19 16:20:36

DS has just completed his Alevels and many of his friends have done well from Bs and Cs to the same results in A levels with more As than Ds. What has made a difference to them is being in colleges , sixth forms suited to their ability. DS sixth form was competitive and a few left within the first year as they fell behind other students and lost confidence. Whereas the local colleges some of his friends went to may not have as many A*As but still have a very strong pass rate and retention rate.

berlinbabylon Fri 23-Aug-19 16:31:09

Lots of MNers will tell you that A levels are really hard and that you need A* and across the board to have a chance of a good grade at A level. I think that is wrong, and that A levels in subjects you enjoy and have an aptitude for, are no harder than GCSEs because you have the teaching time and the time for self-study. I did much better comparatively in my A levels than I did in my GCSEs - I did put more work in as well but I was also doing my best subjects and not the ones I had no aptitude for.

jamimmi Fri 23-Aug-19 20:14:11

Intresting reading Berlin's point. My ds has just turned down a selective pressurised 6th form to go a less pressured local 6th . He said it felt more supportive. His grades are similar to the OP DC.

boys3 Fri 23-Aug-19 20:26:39

I think A level is a step up from GCSE, however totally agree otherwise with the points that Berlin has made.

There is the risk that a string of A* and As or 9/8/7s can lead to a bit of complacency creeping in. Have seen that happen to some in my DCs various peer groups. On the other side some of those with less stellar GCSEs have seen that as a motivation to prove they can do well at A level.

Any teachers on here may have a view on subject vagaries - DCs have seen some of those with less than old A at GCSE at Maths struggle, again though this is just anecdote.

OptimusRhyme Fri 23-Aug-19 21:11:17

Her school is a very low performing secondary modern where I'm not sure the teaching is up to snuff. So she certainly won't be pressurised. But I don't think they expect much either.

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