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Teacher Training in English

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namechange10005 Sun 18-Aug-19 20:00:17


I am starting my English teacher training In two weeks. I'm very nervous. Are there any teachers/individuals who have experienced how the placements work? What will the first few weeks comprise of? I'm also worried about the teachers being unfriendly towards me due to the annoyance of having a completely inexperienced person in the department.


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Piggywaspushed Sun 18-Aug-19 20:17:58

OP, trot on over to staffroom where you will find lots of people who can advise. You could ask MNHQ to move your post.

No one will be annoyed by your presence but , if you are worried, bring a present on your first day! Cake is always good!

Your first few weeks will comprise observations and , usually, shadowing a pupil to get a feel for the whole school. Also, mentor meetings and other such things.

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