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Year 7 starters, not long now...

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Mimx Sat 17-Aug-19 13:46:07

Just back from holiday, and (once I’ve cleared the laundry) switching my attention to what we still need to do in the next two or so weeks before DS1 starts secondary school. Most of his uniform is bought, but need school shoes, rugby boots, trainers (and in adult sizes, dreading the cost!). And not started on anything apart from clothes, so will need to find out what’s needed for stationery etc.

DS is looking forward to it I think, not too nervous, despite hardly knowing anyone else who’s going. He is worried about whether he’ll lose touch with his existing friends, though, they are a nice group, but heading off to four different schools.

How’s everyone else getting on?

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DebbieFiderer Sat 17-Aug-19 14:48:45

I think we're about ready to go now, I just can't find any pe bottoms in the style DD likes (yoga pant type rather than the ones with elastic cuffs at the ankle) - if anyone knows where I can get them in black I'd be grateful - Asda are out of stock, M&S don't do black, Sainsbury's don't seem to do them.

Otherwise, uniform is bought, plus backpack, I've ordered a stationery pack from the school (£10 for calculator, maths set, and pens etc). She's practiced the bus route and I've taught her how to read a bus timetable.

IsobelRae23 Sat 17-Aug-19 17:10:09

@DebbieFiderer Try eBay! There are loads on there and a lot are new, never worn.

IsobelRae23 Sat 17-Aug-19 17:13:09

@DebbieFiderer Search under yoga pants and yoga trousers x

IslandTulip Sat 17-Aug-19 17:25:16


DebbieFiderer Sat 17-Aug-19 17:48:21

Thanks, I'll take a look

SJane48S Sat 17-Aug-19 17:59:30

You could also take a look at Move Dancewear at the Jazz trousers.

2 weeks to go! Just ordered name tags and only have shoes & a few bits to get. Need to practice bus route, load up lunch money on PayPal and work out the MyEd app.

And on the App note - DD has a 50 minute bus journey and then a 7 minute walk. I’d quite like to put some tracking app in her phone - can anyone recommend one?!

DD also a bit apprehensive as knows hardly anyone and will miss BF!

Mimx Sat 17-Aug-19 20:41:05

Oh yikes, name tags! I’d resorted to repeated biro by the end of primary, but some of the uniform is very pricey so really don’t want it lost. Which name tags did you get?

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Mimx Sat 17-Aug-19 20:43:24

DS has an old iPhone so we have ‘find friends’ enabled. It eats his battery charge if it’s being used though, so will try to resist using it unless I really need to.

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Hattie78 Sat 17-Aug-19 20:47:45

Bought everything now - spent a small fortune and it's all massive! I'm more worried than him (but not showing it obviously). I just hope he gets on ok.

SJane48S Sat 17-Aug-19 21:18:02

Easy2name Mimx - have used them before and have quite a few left but DD wants to be known by her formal full name rather than the shortened one she’s always been called. Why, I don’t know! Bet she changes her mind too after name tags arrive! They have 10% off if you do a google for offers

nonicknameseemsavailable Sat 17-Aug-19 21:28:53

we have almost everything now I think. Have named a lot of it but still stuff to do. Have named blazer, blouses and skirt on both waist and then written on label as well. hoping things don't go walkabout. PE stuff I will do the same I think.

Got bag, pens, pencil case, calculator etc too. PE bags - got a set of 6 plain ones off amazon cheaply so can have separate one for kit and trainers. got bus ID card we can put some money on for when she wants to get the bus. got new more grown up waterbottle and lunch bag. got shoes and trainers. will apparently need football boots but school haven't mentioned them so not getting them until told to.

so feeling quite organised.

just need a waterproof!

thank goodness the younger one can just have the old cast off uniform and doesn't need anything new.

Mimx Sun 18-Aug-19 10:36:10

Thanks SJane, I think I got his reception name labels from them back in the day!

I’ve just done a stationery order on amazon - DS not remotely fussed, so will keep his existing pencil case and school bag at least for now. Trying to gee myself up for shoe shopping today, as it’s my main chance if I don’t want to leave it until the last weekend. I guess I better just check I’ve got what DS2 needs too, not thought so much about him!!

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Mimx Sun 18-Aug-19 10:39:41

@nonicknameseemsavailable, what are you thinking re a waterproof? Everyone on here says they don’t wear coats even when it’s raining but I feel like I still need to buy him one!

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Curlyshabtree Sun 18-Aug-19 18:28:56

All done! Currently relaxing on holiday. We get back a couple of days before school starts.

nonicknameseemsavailable Mon 19-Aug-19 00:08:46

mimx - I am looking for some sort of pacamac type thing but want it to be waterproof as she will have a long walk and it is often too windy for an umbrella to be practical. I started a post about it. I am hoping if I can get one the same colour as the blazer she will put it on over the top and actually wear it because it won't stand out too much.

GlomOfNit Thu 22-Aug-19 13:00:56

I've just got back too and getting my head around secondary PE kit needs and so on.

My main headache is the PHONE. DS1 is very unworldly and quite unsophisticated and doesn't have a phone or really any other devices apart from a Lenovo tablet. He's not into music or gaming beyond Minecraft. He used to be very anti the idea of having a phone (the phone-havers at his primary used to be the loudmouths and obstreperous set, or so he perceived it anyway) and there was some instagram and WhatsApp bullying at school hmm, but is now ok with the idea.

Do I make him into a social pariah and get him a basic handset from Tesco, etc, or should we consider a smartphone? confused I do have an old Huawei he could possibly use but need to empty it and the battery life is now rubbish. Reconditioned 2nd hand phone?? Pay as you go or contract? Wouldn't he just use up all the data on looking up lego animations on Youtube and then not have any left for calls? grin

nb. He does need a phone of some sort because he'll be getting the bus there and back and it seems to break down or get delayed with alarming frequency.

nonicknameseemsavailable Thu 22-Aug-19 17:26:11

DD has been given the most basic phone imaginable. She has an old one of ours to use properly at home if she wants but for carrying to and from school she has the most basic.

DebbieFiderer Thu 22-Aug-19 19:58:34

DD has an old iPhone 5. She has a contract which is £6/month for unlimited calls and texts, and 2gb data, she usually runs out but that's her problem! 😂

Mimx Fri 23-Aug-19 10:54:32

DS has got an old iPhone too, just because it’s what we have and I know my way around it and how to set restrictions. He’s on a cheap contract with limited data, and when it’s gone it’s gone. He won’t run out unless he starts watching videos on his way to and from school though. His school are not super strict on mobiles because most kids are on transport to get there. I’ll get him a power bank to avoid him running out of battery.

We’re done now with the four! pairs of shoes needed, so think we’re done with what needs to be bought - apart from travel ticket. I think with just over one week to go, the reality is dawning on him a little now!

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Darbs76 Fri 23-Aug-19 16:57:47

We are almost ready for DD to start. Just need bag, PE bag and more stationary. One thing is she’s in plaster as she’s broken her wrist, at the fracture clinic next week so will find out if it can come off before they start or not.

Joyfulincolour Fri 23-Aug-19 18:28:10

I’m amazed at how many shops have run out of things! Clarks shoe shop had limited sizes as did the uniform shop. We waited to get things as my daughter is very tall and has growth spurts. We have got all we need now I think.

TimeWastingButFun Mon 26-Aug-19 22:57:10

We still haven't got shoes yet! Dreading that, as my son has a high instep as well as wide feet. Usually he has a particular Clarks type of school shoe that are perfectly suited to his feet but the new school won't allow these - they have to be very adult type shiny lace up shoes. He's only 11 and still loves running around in the playground/football etc so not sure how practical they will be :-( Also not sure about what stationary is needed. We bought £100 worth of stuff that the school said was needed and we could buy from them but I can't remember what was included, doh!

TimeWastingButFun Mon 26-Aug-19 22:59:27

PS re the phones, the school did recommend a 'brick' but really NONE of the kids have those. We bought our son a relatively inexpensive Samsung (£120 or so) with a tough armour case and he knows to switch it off and leave it in his bag but it wasn't so ridiculously expensive that we couldn't replace it if absolutely necessary.

TimeWastingButFun Mon 26-Aug-19 23:00:33

We went for contract so we know he will always be able to use it. He's not one of these kids that is always glued to it though so it's OK at the moment!

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