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Kingston Grammar?

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WhatMeghanWants Tue 23-Jul-19 11:01:26

Hi - I don't know much about KGS and am in two minds whether to go to the open day. There's only one open day and we have a family event the same day, so will need to rush about like headless chickens to make both.

DD is fairly able academically (probably middle/upper middle in her current class). She's not especially sporty or musical. We're looking for a nuturing, supportive environment. Would KGS fit the bill or shall I give it a miss?

Any insights gratefully received! Thanks.

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christmas2020 Tue 23-Jul-19 11:12:56

I would give them a ring re open days. Last year they also had a number of smaller morning tours in October.
Know lots of happy children there and would have been very happy for DCs to have gone there but they went elsewhere in the end.

WhatMeghanWants Tue 23-Jul-19 15:44:57

Thanks - will do that.

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JoJoSM2 Tue 23-Jul-19 16:13:43

I’m not sure if the school is likely to be a good fit academically? It’s an academic school (85% A-A* GCSEs last year) so not sure if being maybe a bit above average is quite academic enough (unless you’re in an extremely academic prep/primary at the moment).

Thesunalwaysshines Tue 23-Jul-19 20:57:48

I have a DC at KGS and i have been really pleased with the pastoral care there. It's not as big as some of the other schools - c110 in a year - and I think that helps. There is a sense of real community amongst the parent, children and school, alike. We chose it because if the feel we got from it and the fact it's co ed. Lovely school. Def worth going on the Open Day if you can

Thesunalwaysshines Tue 23-Jul-19 21:02:25

Sorry, meant to say, it is definitely getting harder to get into, but it's so hard to call that your DD should definitely give it a shot if she likes it. Kids have not got in there whom have got into KCS, Hampton, Putney High etc, (likewise, vice versa). These schools are so hard to predict, just go for that ones you like, but maybe also go for a couple of less academic ones on paper, just in case.

WhatMeghanWants Wed 24-Jul-19 14:49:21

Thanks for advice!

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TheExtraGuineaPig Thu 25-Jul-19 06:20:04

The KGS Saturday open day is very, very busy and can be a bit hectic as it's a small urban site. Try to go when the school is open as well or instead - there are tours. Also try to go to the head's talk as he's excellent and you will hear about their commitment to pastoral care and the school's ethos.

amidaiwas Mon 29-Jul-19 10:00:56

There's a talk for parents only the night before and lots of tours during the school day throughout the year.

TeddTess Mon 29-Jul-19 10:05:16

DD is fairly able academically (probably middle/upper middle in her current class). She's not especially sporty or musical.

honestly, i'm not sure KGS is the school for her.
The path to sixth form is not guaranteed - you have to meet certain criteria. Surbiton might be a better bet.

christmas2020 Wed 31-Jul-19 15:46:34

I would say definitely worth giving it a go even if not 'top of the class'. It's all slightly random whatever people say. Girls this year we're getting offers from Putney and KGS and not Surbiton and vice versa so the perceived hierarchy of schools doesn't always work. Same with the boys schools.

margaritaisland Thu 01-Aug-19 20:22:44

It's a solid second division day school. It is situated in a busy part of Kingston where many school children and traffic converge. It would benefit from moving to a new site.

Utility Thu 01-Aug-19 21:15:31

It's a huge lottery.
Definitely go for it if you like it!
P.S. margarita's damning of KGS with faint praise made me smile...

yikesanddang Fri 02-Aug-19 09:51:03


I'd love to know your ranking list.

FlumePlume Fri 02-Aug-19 15:00:47

Margarita We didn’t apply in the end (dd preferred all girls) but I actually like the fact it’s right in the middle of Kingston. I prefer an urban setting and lots of good transport to beautiful buildings in rolling green fields. I know a lot of people feel the other way around, but I think teenagers get more from transport links and shops than they do from a pretty setting.

And OP, I agree with christmas, I think defining ‘stretch, should get, and banker’ is getting harder and harder to do, with this year throwing up some surprising results. So its definitely worth having a look around, seeing if the exam dates clash with other possibles etc.

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