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Change Secondary school/waiting list

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Tiziana0773 Sun 21-Jul-19 12:40:15

Good Morning,
I write for have some advice from you.

My son is in wating list in a secondary school from last year. We are in the catchment area, but no place, so in the year 2018/2019 he went to another school but I don't like at all.

From september, my youngest son will start year 7 in the school were my oldest son is in waiting list.
The admission office told to me that my oldest son will be prioritise
as a sibling, but they told to me also that he is n. 9 in the list. And I think that will be very difficult have a place in Septermber if is n. 9 in the list.

So I have some questions for you, because I need to find a solution for my son.

1) I'd like to do un appel, you think it can help? And what is important writing in the letter?
2) May I write to the admissions office that next september I don't want that my son start again in the same school of last year? Or it's a way to have negative results?
3) Somebody, in this blog last year, had talked to me about lawyears or agent that for a reasonable price, help parents in this situation.

Could you give me some advice?
Thanks for your time and for your reply

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MarchingFrogs Sun 21-Jul-19 15:27:46

I. Yes, you can appeal the decision not to offer your okder DS a place. An appeal is for a place at the desired school, not against the one allocated. So focus on why this is the best school to meet his needs, not why you don't like his current school, although if there is something serious like sustained bullying which the current school is failing to deal with despite your having followed the correct process, you may want to show evidence of this. (You don't like the school, but btw, how does your DS himself feel about it?). You may need to / should make an actual new mid year application for admission for September, then you start off a whole new 'ticking clock' re the refusal letter, appeal timetable etc.
2. You can remove your DS from the current school, but that will just mean that you are responsible for arranging for him to receive a full time education, suitable to his age and needs - home education is not just 'staying at home'. If you take him off roll, it will in no shape or form in itself get you a place at your desired school. Appeal panel members really dislike attempts to guilt trip them into upholding appeals, at least in our neck of the woods.
3. On the whole (again, in our area, at least), parents presenting their own appeal are way better thought of than those who buy in an 'expert' to present their case. And worst case scenario, the 'expert' turns out to be anything but...

TeenTimesTwo Sun 21-Jul-19 15:46:48

If you want to appeal, put down your reasons here and people will give you pointers as to which reasons are most persuasive or what else to look for.

BrieAndChilli Sun 21-Jul-19 15:49:26

Is he 9 th on the list now? If so when the younger child starts in September he will move up the list.

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