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Independent Schools

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Gravo475 Thu 18-Jul-19 09:50:22

Hello Everyone. I’m looking for any recommended independent schools in Suffolk/Norfolk are to visit I ideally would like to keep all 3 together ages 5 11 and 13.

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Gingercat1223 Thu 18-Jul-19 10:26:09

Woodbridge school, Framlingham College with feeder prep, Gresham's with Feeder Prep, 2 x private schools in Ipswich - I think the girls school is going co-Ed.
It depends where you want to live, you can live in Woodbridge & have an easy commute to London via Manningtree station.

Gingercat1223 Thu 18-Jul-19 10:50:49

Also good schools in Norwich and Bury St Edmunds. From 11 also Wymondham College, 1 of 36 state boarding schools in UK. I know you asked for independent schools but to include it helps you understand the options on the Norfolk/Suffolk boarder.

Gravo475 Thu 18-Jul-19 11:55:40

Gingercat123. Thank you for being so helpful. Greatly appreciate it.

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OKBobble Thu 18-Jul-19 15:15:02

Although in Cambridgeshire Kings Ely is close to both Norfolk and Suffolk borders and goes fron 3-18.

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