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Second admissions appeal in same academic year

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arrumac Wed 17-Jul-19 07:40:41

Long story short we applied to Glenmoor and Bishop of Winchester in Bournemouth mainly based on what we thought was an impending move (turned out to be rather protracted) but were offered Oak Academy, in the initial round of the appeal the school proved their argument, we were not surprised as 45 families appealed for Glenmoor!. Unfortunately we failed in our individual panel review too despite an imminent exchange of contracts on a property 500m (0.3 miles) door to door from Glenmoor. We exchanged 2 1/2 hours after the panel review but the appeals officer would not allow the information to be conveyed to the panel despite other reviews being conducted all that day and some of the next, but we moved on.

We are now in the new home and our daughter is no 1 on the waiting list but 14 girls need to leave which isn't going to happen soon. After much to'ing and fro'ing with the schools admissions team we went direct to the head who is actually happy for us to submit second application which in turn will invoke a second appeal as is allowed in the appeals regulations based on our change in circumstances, i.e. proximity to the school, 1.6miles down to 0.3 miles.

I can't find any information on a second appeal anywhere but I feel it is slightly different so any pointers on what to zero in on or should we keep it much the same apart from hammer home our daughter can walk there in under 10 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes on a school bus, which i might add means she will need to drop some dance as it will be impossible to work through the logistics, so we know we have distance and the dance as real impacts on her at least. I don't feel its enough.

Plus oddly enough the school are adding new modular classrooms, in the appeal the head said it was 6 classrooms. I checked the planning application and its actually 8, whilst a minor point is this worth bringing up in the next appeal hearing Q&A, we don't want to be seen as too pedantic and petty.

Cheers all


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prh47bridge Wed 17-Jul-19 09:29:52

The distance you live from the school is not an issue at appeal. In all honesty, if they allow you to have a second appeal they are bending the rules. A second appeal should only be allowed where there is a significant and material change in your circumstances. Moving 1.3 miles closer to the school is not a material change.

The argument about your daughter being able to walk in 10 minutes rather than spend 40 minutes on a school bus will not carry any weight. A 40 minute journey is not unreasonable and you haven't said anything to indicate your daughter has any mobility issues.

If you are allowed a second appeal you need to concentrate on things this school offers that are missing from your daughter's current school which are particularly relevant for her. For example, as she is interested in dance, if this school has extracurricular dance activities and the offered school does not, you could raise that.

The additional modular classrooms are worth bringing up as it suggests the school will not be as overcrowded as claimed.

admission Wed 17-Jul-19 16:21:35

It is questionable whether moving a short distance nearer the school can be considered a material change or not. Glenmore is an academy so they are their own admission authority and as such it is up to the Trust Board or admission committee to decide whether they will allow the 2nd appeal. It may well be that the decision has been delegated to the head teacher
I confirm that what you need to do is make another application on the basis of moving house nearer to the school. They will obviously reject the application, given they are full, and then you can appeal and see whether they will accept the appeal.
You need to understand that moving nearer the school is not a reason to admit at appeal, so you will be appealing with essentially the same reasons as before, which was rejected. As such your chance of success at appeal is probably low and you need to enter this process knowing that.

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