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Eastbourne College

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Ohwiseone Mon 08-Jul-19 18:46:44

I’m looking at schools for my daughter and am very interested in Eastbourne College. Are there any current parents of day girls on this site that can give me any info?
We’ve visited the college and were very impressed with the brand new Winn building, wonderful science dept etc.
Met Mr Lawson and was very impressed with our student guide. Any other info I should know?
Thanks in advance

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Ohwiseone Wed 10-Jul-19 11:19:07


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NotatallPC Sun 01-Dec-19 16:52:16

Only just spotted this. We have a daughter in Y11 (but boarding). Loves the school and has a great set of 'nice' friends. You won't find the girls made up to the nines here....too busy and most would just laugh at yourself is the mantra.
Because it is town school it doesn't feel like a fortress as others do (Hurst, Benenden, Cranleigh etc). Teaching seems to be very good but the ethos is definitely on a rounded product. Staff all super approachable and pastoral care is excellent. Sport is big here but it doesn't matter if this is not your thing....plenty of other things to do. Only apparent gripe is food quality. DD not impressed and she will eat anything and loves her nosh (but v-sporty)but others say it is absolutely fine and indeed good. I think it may be the choice. Not something we get worked up about.
Good section of parents from very rich to financially struggling professional middle class but there doesn't seem to be a money hierarchy amongst the kids. No super super rich here....the school wouldn't take any extra notice of them. We were going to another school but a last minute look around changed our mind and we are pleased we did. Yes there are various irritations expressed by other parents but you will find that anywhere.
Hope this is not too late.

peoniesarejustperfect Mon 02-Dec-19 13:44:17

Jumping on here too! NotatallPC, can I ask you a bit more about the boarding? Looking for DS year 6 at the moment and thinking about EC. I'd like to find out more about how many full borders there are in lower years? Is the school quite empty at weekend - or is it all just the international children?

Also, there is quite a focus on the website about well being and holistic education - do you feel this is reflected through out the school? Thank you.

NotatallPC Sat 07-Dec-19 20:15:41

I can only comment on the girls boarding houses of which there are 2.....both very nice. Our background. We live 50 minutes away and when we started boarding was definitely boarding with a few exeats. The school is in the middle of change with weekends being more relaxed. Saturday mornings are now a chance to go to specialist catch up sessions and afternoons sport and matches etc. It is a bit more sophisticated than that but that is the general idea. Is it working and is the school empty at weekends? It is a work in progress, DD likes it as prep can be done or better understood. She often wants to stay in at weekends as there is a lot going on, house revues, concerts, plays or just being with chums and away from those nagging folks! I can't really comment about the boys houses. Don't forget with certain geographical boundaries boarders can go into the shopping centres, use local restaurants or go to the beach etc. DD doesn't feel it is any quieter than it used to be but only a few more terms will tell.

This was all instigated because it was felt parents couldn't bear to away from their wonderfully charming, undemanding and mature 16 year olds and other weekly boarding schools such as Hurst and Brighton were scooping up all the numbers. Once Eastbourne cottoned on to the fact others were offering places in yr 6 and Common Entrance was being quietly strangled and they needed to do the same, the penny dropped. I understand boarding is full next year. I believe overseas numbers are capped and it appears to be enforced (no evidence but word of mouth). Yes there are Chinese, a very few Russians, Spanish and German but this is genuinely a British school in my view.

With regards to the hollistic pledge .....yes, I think it is true. The rounded product really is the aim in our experience....if you want a hothouse, definite 3 A's at A-level and aggressive go getters, look elsewhere. There are many like this at Eastbourne but they have developed been with the help of the school and not because of it. Charm is important.

The one thing I don't think the school does so well is sell itself (too vulgar?). Because it is so spread around one doesn't take it all in with one sweep of the eye. Go to Benenden, Hurst, Cranleigh etc you are confronted by an impressive (oppressive!) edifice. Eastbourne is a bit more subtle. Bear that in mind when you look around. I am still finding buildings I have never noticed away from the core area.

To digress slightly, one thing a lot of people don't think about is the fact that no new friends are going to live south of the school! This cuts down the mileage when ferrying to friends houses/parties around the bazaars during the holidays. Sounds minor but when you have to do a 50 mile pickup at becomes a priority.

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