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Dallam, Queen Elizabeth School, Ripley St Thomas, Lancaster Grammar Schools, Private Schools

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Lovelylemons Thu 04-Jul-19 17:23:20

I wonder if any fellow mumsnets have experience or knowledge of the above schools. Due to DH job we may be relocating to the Lancaster/Morecambe area around Xmas.
I have a dd just turned 12 & a ds aged 14. The move is still only a "possibility" at this stage, however it would be invaluable to learn more on the above schools because I'm worried it will all end up being a rush move in the end. DH's potential future colleagues unfortunately only have experience of putting kids through the Grammar Schools and seem to poo poo all the others. Thought we were warming to Dallam but he was told there is a new Headteacher/management and it is not for the best. I really liked the website of Dallam but I am concerned if there are rumours about negative changes to the school and pastoral care not being very good anymore.
At a push we could probably afford an independent school. It seems the nearest are Sedburgh, Windermere & Clitheroe unless there are others ?
Grammar schools don't seem to be an option either as neither child has taken the 11+.

Thankyou for any advice you can share. x

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ooopsupsideyourhead Thu 04-Jul-19 18:26:03

I live in the area, please do feel free to DM me smile

Even if your children had sat the 11+ I believe the grammar schools operate a one in, one out system as of course, they always fill their quota. You are unlikely to find a place at Ripley as it’s heavily over subscribed. QES and Dallam can be quite a challenge to get to and from from Morecambe/Lancaster as QES only has direct school buses and Dallam, while on a main bus route, has a very infrequent service. Also, QES in particular draws from a huge area which can make socialising awkward.

In Lancaster itself there is also Our Lady’s Catholic College (not over subscribed, so likely to get a place) which has a good mixes intake in terms of ability and back ground and does fine with them and Central Lancaster High which can have quite a challenging intake and does very well with them.

Outside of Lancaster you have Carnforth high (good now, but historically not so great) and Garstang academy (excellent school, bit further away, and possibly also over subscribed). Carnforth easier to get to.

In Morecambe you have the Bay Leaserahip Academy and Morecambe High, neither of which are in the happiest of places right now.

There have been changes and challenges at Dallam, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I have friends whose children go there and everyone is happy with it.

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