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Improving levels.

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Kashali Thu 04-Jul-19 15:04:31

Hi, I just wanted to run this by some people as currently can't see the wood for the trees.

Helping my Y10, dc with improving levels this summer and so far am looking at bringing all the borderline 3/4 up to at least level 4, maybe 5 in capable subjects.

Then I'm stuck, obviously Maths and English need to be on track as these are essential to continue A level.
However, is it best to concentrate on just the poorer/ weaker subjects or spend time and effort on other subjects at levels above 5 but could be improved with time and effort.

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 04-Jul-19 15:53:19

Um, if I am reading you right, your y10 is struggling get pass grades in a number of subjects? In which case A levels might not be the next step.

To succeed at A levels you are usually looking at a profile of average over best 8 of at least 5.5, preferably 6 or 6.5, with at least grade 6 in any subjects being continued.

I have a finishing y9 struggler; I think over the summer you need to focus and not spread yourself too thin. So maths & English, and then depending on areas some specific skills such as expanding answers or understanding questions.

Stillabitemo Thu 04-Jul-19 17:30:48

Seconding the comment above if they’re struggling to pass anything at this point A Levels are likely not the most appropriate choice for them.

In response to your question the biggest focus needs to be on consolidating maths and English, aiming for a 5. After that focus should be on the subjects which will help your DC most with their aspirations (so if they’re interested in a career in IT focus on it/comp sci etc).

Kashali Thu 04-Jul-19 18:01:07

Teen it's me, you know me well on here. I've nc because my dc found me and objected to me posting unless I didn't change details and un. My dc is expected to get a 9 in one subject, if you can identify me from that.
The A levels will be fine, only needs A-E in two subjects and one is almost there now at a level B.

Could a tutor manage to get dc from a level 3 Eng Lang to a level 5 in the holidays? Eng lit is level 4.

Double Science is 4/4 and maths is 3.

We have someone to help, not a tutor for Maths, and a tutor (paid) for English.

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Beechview Thu 04-Jul-19 18:45:03

Study everything even the subjects he’s good at as he could drop a grade there.

For maths, little and often approach is best so 20 mins or so every day. It’s all about practice. Get your helper to explain tough questions.

For English, mr Bruff and mr Salles are really good. Plenty of YouTube clips on the literature and language. There’s a book on how to do well in the creative writing too.
Do a question a day if he can. Use the tutor to mark the question.

Download and print off the syllabus for all subjects and tick off the topics when they’ve been covered.

Gcse is a lot about exam technique too so the more questions, the better. Find past questions for every topic.

There’s plenty of time between now and the exams to push grades up but it will take consistent work.
Good luck smile

s4rah19 Thu 04-Jul-19 19:22:34

I'm in a similar situation. End of year 10 exams have resulted in grade 3 for Maths and English. It was a real struggle to get those grades, we concentrated on those two subjects for about 4 weeks due to a sudden realisation from my relative that they wanted to try and improve. I've seen a massive change in their attitude and wondered if realistically is it possible to get a pass next summer? I too am hoping to try and work with them over the summer to continue the progress. Unfortunately they're not the kind of child that can do it but doesn't try, it's actually a real slog for them and it's so upsetting to see them disappointed given that they had put in the hard work but it's not quite reaping the results needed. As I say I've only been working with them for about 4 weeks prior to the exams so we hadn't had long at it.

Kashali Thu 04-Jul-19 20:56:20

I think end of year reports are terrible. If you are like me you get a lovely report before xmas saying exceeding predictions, 100% in some topic or vocab in a language, or getting to grips with texts in English etc, only to find out right at the end when you can't speak to teachers, that they aren't doing so well now. Arghhhhhhhh! I know if there's cause for concern parents are told, but it just seems a pointless time to get a report.
Not blaming the teachers, they have to follow procedures.

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 04-Jul-19 23:24:41

I'd focus on the maths & English, and hope that by improving the maths the science will go up a bit too.

I wish an English tutor could make a 3 to a 5 over one summer, I'd use them too smile. I think it will depend on what the issues are.

s4rah19 Fri 05-Jul-19 07:30:42

I honestly thought they'd scrape a 4 a in English and Maths. The problem is in English they didn't test them over all the papers, it was the creative writing one and Shakespeare. I thought they'd grasped the technique but obviously not. I'm guessing a lot of waffle was written that didn't actually answer the question.

Kashali Fri 05-Jul-19 19:40:00


Ok, perhaps a bit too ambitious. grin
I suppose I was musing that a level 5 would be completely out of the woods even if dc slipped a bit during the exam.
I have re read the report as was only quickly summarising yesterday and I notice 25% extra time has been allocated.
I'm not aware we asked for it, or that dc did any test/ assessment for it.
There was a diagnosis in Y7 but nothing agreed.

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