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Esher College?

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ablycynical Mon 01-Jul-19 15:18:41

Just doing some preparatory reading for Esher College's Open Evening and surprised to see they haven't been inspected since 2008! Any up to date experience here on Mumsnet? I've heard mixed reviews in RL - some have raved about it and others have been underwhelmed and left early-on to go back to their previous secondary sixth forms instead. What subjects are strengths/weaknesses? DC is interested in STEM subjects, which can be badly affected by teacher recruitment issues even in the strongest schools, so we're feeling very cautious.

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Scrapthe11plus Tue 02-Jul-19 13:38:40

It's probably the best sixth form in the area. Very relaxed and good vibe. Our DD completed her A-levels there after achieving all A*/As at her top-performing inde down the road. Lots of pupils who fail to make the cut in terms of their secondary school GCSE threshold also choose Esher.

Couldn't recommend it highly enough.

dontknowwhatimdoing04 Tue 02-Jul-19 16:43:31

Hi scrapthe11plus do you daughter attended an indie until year 11 then went to Esher ? How did she find it when she only had to attend lessons for 12 hours a week ? Do you mind me asking why she wanted to leave the indie ?

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