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Sunningdale school or Papplewick school

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jharringford Tue 25-Jun-19 15:58:58

We are looking for prep boarding schools and we are between Sunningdale or Papplewick. Our boy loves football, but we also want a good academic school. Is the firts time in boarding so we'd like a family environment.

Any recomendations?

Thank you

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Motorcyclemptiness Wed 26-Jun-19 21:29:26

Hi again OP - suggest you ask Mnet to move this post to Primary Education as.its a prep school query?
Both very good schools academically. Papplewick were absolutely pants sportingly when I had DC at other local preps, but are recently recruiting sporty boys to bolster their sports teams and defo on the up in that area...
But if you want a sporty prep in that part of the world, try Moulsford or Ludgrove?
Same part of the world as Bradfield, tho I have to.agree with other posters that Charterhouse may well tick your academic plus football brief for a senior school....

Motorcyclemptiness Wed 26-Jun-19 21:34:36

Apologies- you already did! Sunningdale has more space than Papplewick, which has an incredibly smart location overlooking ascot racecourse, but the tiddliest sports pitches you ever saw..
Sunningdale has always been.more traditional and less pressured than Papplewidk, IME

NaturevNuture Wed 18-Sep-19 18:25:19

I have a DS at Papplewick right now, been there for 4 years and I'm extremely happy. More than willing to talk if you haven't already made your decision.

Ridleyxf Thu 19-Sep-19 09:31:08

My son left Sunningdale a couple of years ago. We were very happy with it. Feel free to PM me with any questions

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