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Surbiton High and Putney High exam dates the same...

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autumnnightsaredrawingin Thu 20-Jun-19 08:35:28

My daughter is registered at both (and two others) but I have just noticed their entrance exams are on the same date. Is this usual or might it change? Also I know Surbiton offer a second date if you can’t make the main one- but you then can’t be considered for any scholarships I think? Does anyone have any experience of a clash and what did you do? Thanks.

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amidaiwas Thu 20-Jun-19 09:17:22

Yes there are often clashes.
Yes with Surbiton if you are applying for a (non academic) scholarship then you have to attend on the main day as the afternoon is the scholarship assessment (exam in the morning). Well it was like that the past few years anyway.

You basically have to choose, asking for the reserve day at one of the schools.

I did that with DD2 last year, got offers at both (not PHS) so don't worry too much, they do expect you to apply to a few schools!

Amibeingdaft81 Thu 20-Jun-19 09:23:38

It’s a sensible way of making you choose

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