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How many years are children in secondary school?

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Lumene Sat 15-Jun-19 15:12:19

Sorry if this is a silly question but I can’t seem to work it out through google. Is it 6?

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Lumene Sat 15-Jun-19 15:12:53

This is in UK and assuming they stay all the way through to the end of A levels.

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pinkunicorn20 Sat 15-Jun-19 15:13:04

5 years
Yr 7 through to yr 11

pinkunicorn20 Sat 15-Jun-19 15:13:40

That is to GCSE level so age 16

feathermucker Sat 15-Jun-19 15:13:49

7 if they stay for A Levels
5 if they stay until after G.C.S.Es

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 15-Jun-19 15:15:15

Dd did 6 in Scotland, but you can leave after 4.

5tarlight Sat 15-Jun-19 15:17:36

PP is right to end of GCSEs. To the end of A levels includes years 12 and 13, so 7 years in total.

BringOnTheScience Sat 15-Jun-19 23:49:50

England -
Year 7 to taking GCSEs in year 11, so 5 years.
Then separately years 12 & 13 for 6th form (A levels, IBDiploma, BTEC L2 or L3, etc)

justbeniceplease Sat 15-Jun-19 23:51:13

Scotland 4/5/6 depending

Comefromaway Sat 15-Jun-19 23:56:27

5 years of secondary school followed by 2 years of 6th form or college.

BackforGood Sun 16-Jun-19 23:51:59

England it is 5 to GCSEs, and then 2 more if they stay in that school for their 6th form. (which they may, or may not do).
In Scotland it is different.

CloserIAm2Fine Mon 17-Jun-19 07:57:29

Wales is the same as England on this, so five years to GCSE or seven years if they stay on for sixth form.

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