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Fulham to St Pauls School - commute

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Zaggybuns Thu 13-Jun-19 21:55:55


My DS will be starting at St Pauls in Sep 2020.

We are looking at renting nearby in Fulham and wondered how Fulham boys get to St Pauls and what the most efficient route might be now given the closure of the Hammersmith Bridge until further notice ?

I would ideally like him to travel independently but also given the current bridge closure wondered if car share / drive to the school might be more efficient ?

Thanks in advance

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Arewedone Thu 13-Jun-19 23:03:19

We go the opposite way into Hammersmith but the bridge is closed for 3 years so the boys either take the bus/tube to Hammersmith station and walk, or take lime bikes or their own and ditch them outside school.
The traffic along Fulham palace road in a morning is so slow atm due to a Barnes/Richmond traffic going over Putney Bridge it can take up to an hour depending on roadworks. Renting in Chiswick maybe easier for school?

Arewedone Thu 13-Jun-19 23:04:40

DS at sps so understand the route well!

Zaggybuns Thu 13-Jun-19 23:29:21

Thanks Arewedone, really useful to know....just wondering how they get music instruments / sports kit et al on the bikes ...

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Arewedone Fri 14-Jun-19 09:04:33

Tbh they all carry their musical instruments and PE things. Hammersmith Broadway is a general meeting point for them all to walk to school together. We live just over the bridge and there is a petition ongoing to have a small shuttle bus provided but no idea whether it will happen. The bridge closure is a nightmare.

Arewedone Fri 14-Jun-19 09:05:20

Lime bikes do have baskets on the front

Arewedone Fri 14-Jun-19 09:11:24

Dd has to get to Spgs in the morning so she picks up a lime bike from the boys school to get across-seems the fastest way and also not having to worry having your own bike stolen. Not figured out winter though!

ForeverbyJudyBlume Fri 14-Jun-19 09:37:03

Driving would be the most inefficient way imaginable

Either get the tube and walk or cycle with a basket/instrument attached to your back - you can cycle along the river path

It is in my experience quite possible to cycle in winter

AlaskanOilBaron Fri 14-Jun-19 10:18:53

Like as in year 9?

Are you close to the river or H.B? I'd opt for foot/bike but I do know a Fulham mother who drives to the Harrodian daily. Seems like madness to me.

Zaggybuns Fri 14-Jun-19 13:26:31

Hi AlaskanOliBaron, Yes Y9 and no currently in NW London !!! We will rent our place out and try to rent somewhere closer so the daily commute is not as hideous !

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Arewedone Fri 14-Jun-19 14:35:09

So maybe look at Chiswick, Shepherd’s Bush, Nottinghill or on the other side Barnes, sheen, Putney maybe better than Fulham.

AlaskanOilBaron Fri 14-Jun-19 14:58:46

Ok zaggy barring other considerations and without knowing anything about your budget I’d say the streets on the Hammersmith side right around the bridge are adorable and super convenient for your sons commute.

Congratulations to him, he must be v smart.

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