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The Beacon secondary school in Banstead, Surrey

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Hologram17 Sat 08-Jun-19 10:16:45

Hi all, can anyone give me any experiences whether positive or negative of the Beacon Secondary school in Banstead, Surrey?

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ChessIsASport Wed 12-Jun-19 13:38:32

Historically it has always had a bad reputation but I know that people are expecting a rapid improvement now that it is part of the GLF multi academy trust.

Hologram17 Wed 12-Jun-19 19:07:50

That's interesting as whilst there are some very good schools within the GLF there are several that are considered unpopular. I guess time will tell.Thanks for your reply.

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MishkaGrizzly Fri 03-Jan-20 13:39:27

I am also searching secondary schools in Banstead. Looked at Beacon but got put off by their shady statistics.

JoJoSM2 Fri 03-Jan-20 17:43:16

Here are the stats in case you haven’t seen them OP.

Banstead isn’t great for state schools. I think I’d give Harris Sutton as it’s close to Banstead. Overton Grange is ok and often undersubscribed so you might have a chance there too.

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