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Catholic secondary schools

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Robinko1 Mon 20-May-19 22:10:30

Dear mums,

Which Catholic secondary schools are good in London and greater London with easy commute to London?

We are thinking of purchasing house but we need to insure good secondary school and easy commute to Central London.

Many thanks

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HebeMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 21-May-19 17:05:09

Brompton Oratory is the obvious one I can think of OP. Obviously the whole of London is a pretty wide net. There must be a website that lists them all somewhere. We'll bump this thread for you and hopefully someone will be along soon with more information.

Mutakirorikatum Tue 21-May-19 17:25:18

Brompton Oratory is a church, not a school.

There are several high-profile sought after Catholic secondary schools, including London Oratory School and Cardinal Vaughan, and many les high-profile schools that do just as good a job.

But without having more info, particularly whether the OP is looking for girls’ schools, boys’ schools or mixed, what the constraints are re location and to what extent the family is likely to meet the faith requirements, the question is too broad to be meaningful.

OpalTree Tue 21-May-19 17:32:46

St Philomena's, Carshalton and John Fisher, Purley are supposed to be good

WhatAGreatDay Tue 21-May-19 18:25:52

Ursuline High School in Wimbledon (girls)

Thunderpunt Tue 21-May-19 18:36:23

If you are looking a bit further out to Home Counties territory- St Mary's in Bishops Stortford is pretty good. Direct line into Liverpool street around 40 mins

Ivegotthree Tue 21-May-19 23:05:33

Are you asking for a girl or boy?

areyoubeingserviced Wed 22-May-19 17:13:30

For a girl, Notre Dame Southwark , near London Bridge

tammylsu Wed 22-May-19 22:17:56

Anyone had issues with la sainte union school in Highgate? They make up policies as they go along. None of it on school policy

DancingbytheRiver Thu 23-May-19 01:49:25

Gumley and Sir Richard Reynolds in SW London?

Hkelaine Mon 02-Sep-19 14:20:46

Hi all, sorry for bumping this up. But we are interested to know too as both our DS (2YO) and DD (4YO) are baptised. Regarding areas, we are trying to avoid areas where housing price is high and too difficult commute to central London. And prefer less crowded and family friendly areas. So, I think the shortlisted are Sutton, Kingston, and Bromley.

Pls if there is any other suggestion, will be appreciated as well.

PotteringAlong Mon 02-Sep-19 14:26:27

A lot changes in a decade in education. You’d be insane to pick a secondary school for a 2 year old now.

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