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KS4 qualification- Entry level 1 - what is this please?

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gospa Thu 16-May-19 10:45:55

I’m looking at the website for KS4 in a special school(due to open in September). It says the school offers English Entry 1 Level - GCSE. And the same for Maths. I am confused as I thought Entry Level was a different qualification to a GCSE. Maybe the hyphen is meant to mean they offer qualifications from Entry Level 1 up to GCSE Level - is that feasible in a school with probably around 10 pupils in KS4?

Also how does Foundation Tier (for Maths only?) fit in? And functional skills?

Googling is just confusing me!


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spinn Thu 16-May-19 10:52:34

It means they offer the spectrum of programmes from entry 1 up to gcse (level 2).

This is feasible with any number because it means each learner is following a beSpoke programme and will be working at a different level.

Often the content is technically the same at all levels but the evidence required and the assessment will be different for each level. Certainly at e1,e2,e3 and l1, you would possibly struggle to fit l2 into the same group.

Foundation maths is the lower level of the GCSEs.
Functional skills fits in similarly I believe (we don't offer it now so I'm out of touch on that bit).

gospa Thu 16-May-19 19:43:43

Thanks spinn - very helpful

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TheFallenMadonna Thu 16-May-19 21:14:33

I teach the Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills level 1 and 2, and GCSE Maths (but Alternative Provision rather than Special School) The ELC is below GCSE. It covers some of the content (but not algebra for example) and I assess it and the exam board verifies my marking. I can do the 8 components at any time, and they can have up to three attempts at each component. There are three levels within Entry Level (1-3, where 3 is the highest). Entry Level is below GCSE, which is a level 1/2 qualification. I'm pretty sure they mean Entry level up to GCSE, and in a special school they will I assume have small classes. I teach groups of up to 8, and one of my year 11 groups spans the range from EL 2 to GCSE grade 4 (fingers crossed!!).

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