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SE London indep schools - mock exams

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millefiore Wed 15-May-19 23:11:46

I know of a company in SW London that has been running mocks for the last seven years specifically aimed at students applying to London independent schools at 10+ and 11+. They have a mock coming up on 9th June. Happy to share the details if you want to PM me.

Lenazayka Wed 15-May-19 16:51:41

The format of exams is predictable at the grammar schools: CEM or GL. Usually, each independent school has own entrance test style. I presume if your child sit 11+ at the grammar school and does it successfully, ( at least pass mark), then you definitely has a chance to get a place at the private.
I booked some mock exams for grammar schools and think they will be useful because working papers almost the same.

SELondonMumto2 Wed 15-May-19 15:35:33

Has anyone used a good company to do mock 11+ exams for independent school entry (for SE London, but can travel if needed)? I see lots of options focused on grammar schools' exams. Would they work just as well? I'm specifically looking for those which organise exam days (to get experience of that atmosphere) and provide feedback from the exam paper.

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