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Is Sydenham High School improving under new Head Mistress?

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Abdinhk Sat 11-May-19 09:47:42

Hello, I have seen a few threads about Sydenhams High School, but some are dated and I was wondering about how the school has changed/improved under the current head mistress, who I believe has been there for 2 to 3 years now.

Some older posts have said that the while nurturing the children, the school doesn't really push the kids academically. Is that still the case?

We were impressed by our visit to the school and are considering for 14 year old DD, but was hoping to get some fresher impressions. Anyone have some recent experience with the school?


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NK469c1a3aX11494acc6a5 Fri 31-Jan-20 13:37:04

Hello there - hope this reply is not too late for you! My daughter started in Year 7 in Sept and loves it. It does have a lovely atmosphere and she has fully engaged in all the extra curricular side of things- especially the sport which just wasn't on offer at her state primary. The academic side was really important to us too, and so far she has really thrived and wants to do her best. There's a sense that there is real personal attention given. Whilst I never met the old Head, I have been very impressed by the new Head and the latest results are much improved - best GCSE results ever I believe! Hope that helps - get in touch if you have other qs

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